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Our Two Reviewing Rabbits Love Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes!

The Good: Rabbits LOVE them, Very healthy, Inexpensive in bulk
The Bad: None that I can find
The Basics: Both Daisy and Rowe found Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes to be the ideal, store-bought, rabbit treat.

The two rabbits I have had have been completely different. Outside the fact that my wife wanted them, it would be virtually impossible to confuse Daisy – our tiny black dwarf rabbit who we’ve had for well over a year and a half – and the late Rowe, a bigger brown and black rabbit who was only in our life for six months, but delighted us and chased around our cat, Gollum. Whereas Rowe loved Timothy Hay (reviewed here!) and despised Bermuda Grass (reviewed here!), Daisy becomes absolutely manic for Bermuda Grass and loathes Timothy Hay. The two rabbits seldom agree on anything (even though they never met).

Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes are one of the few things that both rabbits share an absolute love for. We only bought Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes once for Rowe, but she loved them and when we got Daisy, they were the first treat that Daisy exhibited a strong preference for. While both rabbits share a love of freshly picked dandelions, Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes is the only store-bought rabbit treat both rabbits consume with eagerness and a consistent delight. That makes Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes perfect in my book!

The Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes are such a simple treat, it is almost surprising how much both rabbits love them. Sun Seed Critter Cubes are, as their name implies, small cube-like treats that are super-compressed ingredients that the rabbits must gnaw on to access. The average block of Critter Cubes is 3/4" long by 1/2" tall by 1/2” wide. Unlike many blocks or cubes for small animal consumption, the Sun Seed Critter Cubes are smooth. Their edges are also slightly rounded, so there is no danger that your small animals will cut their gums on them.

Whenever I put the Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes in Daisy’s food dish, she runs right over for them. Who would have guessed that a treat made primarily of ground yellow corn, soybean meal and ground wheat could be so enticing to little mammals? Apparently, Vitakraft figured it out! I have no problem giving these to Daisy as there is nothing bad in them (though the ingredient list becomes an odd mix of vitamins and preservatives near the end that, frankly, I cannot decipher). Despite the preservatives, these are very healthy for rabbits. With their guaranteed analysis indicating that Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes have at least 22% crude protein and 6% fat, and no more than 15% moisture, these are a treat that one can be proud and happy to feed their small animal.

Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes are available in many forms, the most common online appears to be a 2 lb. bag. A 2 lb. bag would last me quite a while; I get Daisy these cubes in bulk at a local pet store and mix them in with her regular food (though, I do believe that she would be just as happy to eat only these!). Because Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes are such a dry food, it is highly recommended that you have an adequate water supply available for your rabbit when you give them these.

If your rabbits are like Daisy and Rowe (who, frankly, could not be more different for both being rabbits!), then they will love Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes!

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