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With A Filling So Good, It’s No Wonder The Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream Cookies Don’t Want To Stay Together!

The Good: Tastes good.
The Bad: Not very healthy at all, Fall apart exceptionally easily.
The Basics: Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies are one of the best Oreo flavors Nabisco has made, but they barely stay together for consumers to enjoy!

I have, to open with a completely candid moment, not been a fan of Oreo cookies for quite some time. I don’t think they are bad cookies, but when objectively evaluating a healthier sandwich cookie earlier this year, I came to realize that I have no particular affinity for Oreo sandwich cookies. They are dry, usually hard, and they do not (honestly) taste anything like real chocolate. So, when my wife picked up some Berry Burst Ice Cream flavored Oreo cookies, I was not at all predisposed toward them.

My wife picked up the package of thirty-six cookies for $4.99 and I did not begrudge her the treat at all. I especially did not mind the splurge when I tasted the Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies! At some point, I may have to do a comparison with the Mint Oreos, but the Berry Burst Ice Cream might be my new favorite flavor of Oreos!


Oreo cookies are manufactured by Nabisco, which has been around pretty much forever. In recent years, Oreo has attempted to generate product enthusiasm by changing the flavor of the cream in Oreo cookies to give people new reasons to buy them. The Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies are one of the latest attempts.

Each 15 gram Oreo Cookie is two black disks approximately 1 7/8” in diameter, connected by a thin layer of red and pink speckled icing that is supposed to hold the two cookies together. Berry Burst Ice Cream Cookies come in a 15.25 oz. sealed package with a plastic tray that houses the thirty-six cookies. The package and tray do a decent job of preventing breakage, at least until one begins to eat many or most of these cookies. A serving of Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream Nutrition Rich sandwich cookies is two cookies.

Unfortunately, the Berry Burst Oreos do not want to adhere to the cream! Over three quarters of the cookies in my package detached from one of the two cookie halves before or as I removed the cookie from the tray! I’m not sure why this happened, but I’ve never had an Oreo work so hard to separate from its mate before today!

Ease Of Preparation

Eating Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies is not a real challenge, but getting to the cookies is. Oreo wisely created a package of cookies that is resealable. That resealable pouch surrounds the thin plastic tray that houses the cookies. The seam for the releasable opening is not at the top or side of the tray, though, it is at the middle. This makes it slightly more awkward to get the cookies out of the package. If this is a subtle way to enforce portion control, then bravo Oreo. If it is not, it’s just annoying.

When you have a cookie out, all you have to do is stick it in your mouth and chew; there is nothing complicated or foreign about eating these cookies.


Opening the package to the Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreo cookies is a truly mouth-watering experience. The scent that rises up is like a blend of strawberries, raspberries and a light cream. There is no scent carried that smells like the chocolate cookies that surround the creamy center of these cookies. That makes them very enticing, at least to one who recently realized that Oreos are not their favorite cookie.

On the tongue Oreo cookies have a (predictably) very dry exterior. However, unlike most Oreo cookies, the dryness of the toasted chocolate (that is how I have come to describe dry, chocolate-“flavored” baked goods that do not actually taste like actual chocolate) is almost instantly dispelled when one bites through the cookie. Between two exceedingly dry cookies, there is a thick, soft layer of cream that tastes like strawberries, raspberries and a hint of blueberries drown in sugar. This, for some reason, moistens the cookies enough that they no longer create a dominant dry taste in the mouth. While the fruity flavor of the cream in these cookies is pretty much undeniable, the “ice cream” flavor is harder to get. In fact, this only tasted like ice cream to me when I removed the cream filling completely from the cookie exterior.

Even so, the Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos are delicious and taste (mostly) like they promise!


Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream Cookies are intended as a sweet snack, not a full meal. Two of these 15 gram cookies represent a single serving and they are not very nutritious at all. Made primarily of sugar, unbleached enriched flour and high oleic canola and/or palm oil, the ingredient list is far less organic the further down one ventures, like most prepackaged products. This is not an all-natural food product and these cookies were produced on equipment that forces them to add a disclaimer about soy and wheat.

Oreo's Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies have 150 calories for a two cookie serving, 60 of which are from fat. A full serving represents 13% of one's RDA of saturated fat, though they are cholesterol free. As well, they are fairly low in sodium for a cookie, having only 120 mg per serving. They also have a gram of protein and ten percent of thirteen different vitamins and minerals! As one who is working on getting heart-healthy, I appreciate the 2 grams of dietary fiber per serving. There are no vitamins or other nutrients, outside a smattering of ones RDA of Iron.


Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies are easy to care for and clean up. Unopened, they have a pretty decent shelf life; my wife purchased a package in late April (2012) and they have an expiration date of October 12, 2012. Kept sealed, I am sure they would have lasted at least that long. As cookies, one need only not shake the bag excessively to care for them and wipe away any crumbs after eating them. This is a low-stress food!


Oreo Berry Burst Ice Cream cookies are good tasting cookies that make it worth the work to keep them together to eat and the exercise needed to work them off when you’re done eating them!

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