Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It Might Come With A Lot Of Stuff, But The Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover Does Not Work Well!

The Good: Comes with a lot of good stuff, Inexpensive, Inoffensive smell
The Bad: Does not work (at least with one bottle).
The Basics: Color Oops extra strength hair color remover has a lot of benefits, but ultimately, because my wife had to use multiple bottles, it makes it impossible to recommend.

Right now, my wife and I are having a fundamental difference of opinion. She is using Color Oops extra strength hair color remover and she is on her second bottle of the night. She keeps trying to sell me on it because it is less expensive than going to a salon and it does not have as bad an odor/lumpy quality to it as one of its main competitors. I, on the other hand, look at it from a much more pragmatic view: it didn’t work.

My wife is on her second bottle of Color Oops extra strength hair color remover tonight. She has light brown hair and needed to strip her hair color out in order to dye it red. We picked up two boxes of Color Oops extra strength hair color remover so she could remove her natural hair color and make her hair delightfully red. Unfortunately, the first treatment only slightly lightened her hair. Unconvinced that it hadn’t work, she tried to dye her hair once and now that it is dry, I feel very cheated as only her roots turned red. The rest of her hair is only slightly lighter than it was before.

Color Oops extra strength hair color remover comes in a box that features two bottles, an extra large pair of plastic gloves, and a hair net. My wife was especially excited by the fact that the shower cap was included. Apparently, this is not standard despite the fact that the application is supposed to sit on the hair for twenty minutes.

To use Color Oops extra strength hair color remover, simply remove the two bottles (clearly marked 1 and 2) and combine the contents. The resulting fluid has a remarkably inoffensive smell. Color Oops extra strength hair color remover is ammonia free and bleach free and from the scent, I would have guessed cotton candy jelly beans make up the hair stripper. It truly smells that good. Shake up the applicator bottle to mix the fluids. Once the combined fluid is in the applicator bottle, simply apply it to your hair. The top of the bottle is a thinner tip that helps to control the dispensing of the liquid. Color Oops extra strength hair color remover has the consistency of Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo. One bottle easily spread through her entire hair; she has shoulder length, very healthy hair. Then, simply let the stripper sit on your hair for twenty minutes, then wash it out. Letting it sit on your hair longer is likely to weaken your hair and make it a bit more brittle than most would like.

Despite all of the positive attributes of Color Oops extra strength hair color remover, I’m not sold on the product because it didn’t work. Ultimately, if the product comes with a lot of stuff, smells good, is easy to use, and is inexpensive, but doesn’t work, I get hung up on the ineffectual quality of the product. Sure, it has a lot of good attributes, but it didn’t lighten my wife’s hair. And with her finishing the time limit on the second bottle and me seeing no real change, it’s hard for me not to stand by that assessment.

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