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Oddly Balanced, But A Cool Sculpt, The Kingdom Come Magog Is Still Worth Picking Up!

The Good: Decent sculpts, Generally good coloring detail, Good balance when in a specific pose.
The Bad: Terrible collectible value, Poor balance at the most natural pose, Low articulation.
The Basics: The Kingdom Come Magog action figure is one of the definitive figures for fans of Kingdom Come!

Lately, I have been thinking about Magog. Magog is the primary villain in the graphic novel Kingdom Come, one of my favorites. But he also appears in one of the few other graphic novel series’ I have actually bought for my own permanent collection, Justice League: Generation Lost (volume 1 is reviewed here!). So, when I was recently at my favorite comic book shop and I saw the Kingdom Come Magog action figure and I knew I could haggle the owner down on it, I was thrilled to pick it up.

Magog was unique to Kingdom Come (reviewed here!), before DC Comics produced a sequel. As the displaced-in-time enforcer of a pretty brutal brand of justice in the (now) Elseworlds universe of Kingdom Come, Magog has pretty limited appeal to fans, even those who like the broad DC Universe. With his rams head helmet and power staff, Magog is – at the very least – an intriguing character.

The Kingdom Come Magog is from DC Direct, though recently Hasbro’s DC Universe line released a new casting of the figure with increased articulation.


DC Direct figures are incredibly detailed, even the Magog one. The artwork of Alex Ross translates very well into the Magog figure as he looks just like the paintings in Kingdom Come and the reference photo the artist used to create the character! The figure is 6 3/4”.

Magog is a decent sculpt with the character looking like the primary villain of Kingdom Come. Magog is mostly bare-chested, with his ram’s head helmet, bandolier, and armored legs with the pouches and pads that the character had. DC Direct includes such cool molded features on this Magog figure like the handgun molded right to his belt. Magog features golden armor on his right side and protecting his neck and the figure looks very good as a result.

On the coloring front this Magog figure is cast and colored in monotonal plastics. The skin tones are monotonal and this is a somewhat clean looking figure. Despite the fact that the coloring is cast in single-tones, DC Direct accented the figure accurately. Magog’s lips are a faint pink and his right eye is blind, while his left eye has accurate coloring detail for the iris and pupil. The figure also has small details, like the green gem on the figure’s helmet and buttons on the pouches.


As a remarkably powerful villain, Magog needs only one accessory, his power staff. The power staff is 7 1/8” long and features both the control panel and the head with remarkable attention to detail and coloring. The staff matches Magog’s armor and looks wonderful in his left hand.


These DC Direct figures were designed more for display than play. Magog is exceptionally poorly balanced in the natural pose of the figure. The legs and groin area have straps and when the figure’s legs are lined up, the figure does not stand up at all. In order to have the figure balance, one has to angle the top back and put the figures feet flat. Magog, then, looks like he is always stretching back as he tries to stand. In that pose, he is very balanced.

What he lack is impressive articulation. With only swivel joints, Magog is a little bit of a letdown. He has swivel joints at the groin socket, shoulders, wrists and neck. Because the right hand is molded as a fist, Magog cannot even hold the staff in a two-handed grip.


As noted, Magog is a figure with exceptionally limited appeal. With articulation reminiscent of the recent Watchmen figures like the Limited Edition Rorschach Unmasked, many toy enthusiasts did not get excited by the Magog figure. The fact that I could easily haggle a shopkeeper down on the price to about a quarter of what the original release price was indicates that this is a poor investment figure.

The Kingdom Come Magog figure lacks the articulation and balance of current figure releases, but the sculpt is actually pretty decent, making it bare “recommend,” at least for fans of the extended DC Universe.

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