Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lightly Aromatic, Rain Kissed Leaves Volumizing Shampoo From Bath & Body Works Endures!

The Good: Good aroma, Great lather, Wonderful feeling, Good cleaning power
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Scent is not terribly powerful
The Basics: Bath & Body Works' Rain Kissed Leaves Volumizing Shampoo is a good shampoo that does what it promises, but is very expensive for a shampoo that is not really robust.

I was surprised to realize that the only Bath & Body Works shampoo I appear to have reviewed is the Mentha Mint Shampoo (here!) that, alas, has since been discontinued. But, I recently picked up the Rain Kissed Leaves Volumizing Shampoo from Bath & Body Works and it is time to review it! Rain Kissed Leaves was part of a line of shampoos that were designed to have pretty inoffensive scents and it lives up on that front.

The Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Rain Kissed Leaves Volumizing Shampoo comes in a clear plastic bottle with the 10 fl. oz. usually costing consumers about $7.00! The clear bottle has a white spout lid. Because the sides of the bottle is slightly ribbed, the Rain Kissed Leaves shampoo bottle does not drop easily from one's hands and thus remains light and easy to use.

The fluid inside the bottle is a very faint translucent green that looks like seriously diluted lime juice. The shampoo has the traditional fluidity of shampoos and the Rain Kissed Leaves shampoo is no more watery than a standard Suave shampoo. The scent to this shampoo is much like ozone with a very minor citrus afterscent. This scent fills the shower remarkably well and when it is washed off, the aroma lingers in the hair for about three hours. The scent is such a light one, most people will not notice it unless they stick their nose deeply in the hair of the person who has used it.

The Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Rain Kissed Leaves Volumizing shampoo comes from Bath & Body Works does not explicitly state it was not tested on animals, but there is nothing bad in the shampoo.

This shampoo does effectively add volume, which has left my hair more bouncy and protected from basic elements. While it does not have any conditioning properties, the Rain Kissed Leaves on its own adds body to hair and the fact that it does what it claims helps me raise the very mild shampoo into the higher ranges of average, despite the expense.

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  1. Just used this at a hotel and love it my hair looks the best its looked in quite awhile.

    1. Hotels seem to be one of the few places that still have this shampoo!

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

      -W.L. Swarts