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Fresh And Surprisingly Effective, Rain Kissed Leaves Conditioner From Bath & Body Works Works Exceptionally Well!

The Good: Works very well, Decent scent
The Bad: Comparatively pricy
The Basics: Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner from Bath & Body Works is effective and smells wonderful, but best of all, it works!

For those who do not look over the full range of my blog, each month on my blog since the year began, I have done a monthly update (April’s is posted here!) with statistics and interesting reflections on the month in the blog. As such, that has made me unusually attentive to facts and statistics regarding the blog. So, when I posted my review of Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing shampoo (reviewed here!) and I noticed a pretty incredible spike in the hits on it, I was shocked. That review had an uncommon amount of traction and while it thrills me, I was a bit stymied as to why it became so popular so quickly. As I considered my review of Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner, I have been wondering if there is any chance it, too, will get the type of following as the shampoo review.

Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner is a conditioner I have been using now for two weeks. What made me so very impressed about Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner is that in less than a week, my hair was more hydrated and manageable than it was the week before. And while I was not wowed by the mild scent of Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner (and shampoo), the fact that it works so well makes me incredibly impressed. Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner took my hair, which was honestly pretty frazzled and broken only two weeks ago, and made is soft, manageable and completely unfrazzled.

Two weeks ago, right before I picked up the bottle of Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner, my wife had just clipped my split ends, so I felt pretty good about my hair, but at least the ends did not look all that ratty. The rest of my hair, however, was a bit fragile, still. While I seldom look all that closely at my own hair, my wife does and when she sent me out for a week’s work without her, she was not thrilled with my hair’s condition. She kept pulling out my hair and finding frayed strands that looked terrible. Now, just under two weeks later, with daily shampooing and conditioning using Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner and my hair does not split off when I brush it. I’ve looked at it closely and my hair is now unbroken and unkinked throughout my mane.

The Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner is an opaque white (with a very slight green tint) fluid that is more like the consistency of hand lotion than a shampoo. Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner is thick and takes a lot to spread over the hair. However, having set the conditioner for over five minutes on my hair each day, the conditioning properties of this are undeniable. None of my split ends have returned and my hair is stronger, more lustrous and more manageable than it was two weeks ago.

Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner smells like a more concentrated version of the Rain Kissed leaves shampoo. This conditioner is light and smells most like a waterfall and aloe plants. There is a distinct watery scent to it with a faint hint of ozone, like what one smells when there has been a thunderstorm. The scent, while ridiculously mild, is incredibly enduring. I neglected to take my shower today and when I put my ponytail to my nose, all I could smell was aloe and water. Given that yesterday, my wife and I were out and about in Michigan, it is hard to deny the power of this conditioner!

Rain Kissed Leaves volumizing conditioner, as a Bath & Body Works product, is a little more expensive than most other conditioners on the market, especially by volume. But given how well it works, this is one of the few conditioners that I do not mind paying a little more for.

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  1. I came across this blog while google-searching for the Rainkissed Leaves Shampoo & Conditioner. My daughter has used the Coconut Lime Verbena Shampoo & Conditioner which she purchased full-sized at Bath & Body Works. I received the travel-sized Rainkissed Leaves at two Hotels while on Vacation. After just the few uses from those, I totally agree with your review. I love how my hair is improved and I like this scent much better! I want to get the full-sized bottles, but apparently BBW is not making the shampoo & conditioners anymore. I can only find the travel sized online through Amazon & ebay but they are very expensive for just 1 or 2 oz. I am down to my last few days of use. I have tried so many other shelf brands and nothing works as good as this stuff. I wish BBW would bring this back in their stock!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the review and agreed with it!

      I, too, have found this shampoo and conditioner available through various hotels, but not at Bath & Body Works. But please, feel free to click on the links and purchase it through Amazon through the blog; there are actually some lots of it on Amazon that make it pretty affordable, even in the travel sizes!

      Thanks again for reading!