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Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover Does What It Promises . . . But Only That!

The Good: Removes stains just fine, Sufficiently removes odors
The Bad: Does not discourage dogs from returning to soil the area again.
The Basics: This average cleanser utterly fails to earn the respect of a pet owner for discouraging pets from soiling the same areas they have previously used.

Every now and then, I find myself hoisted on my own petard, metaphorically speaking, based on both my own standards and precedents I have with prior reviews. When I sat down to review the carpet stain remover from Grreat Choice, the Dog Stain & Odor Remover, I intended to write a pretty solid panning of the product. Myah, our Siberian Husky, has stopped telling my wife and I when she needs to go out some nights and has been, instead, going into our workroom and urinating on the floor there. Since I started using Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover, Myah has not been in any way dissuaded from returning to the same spots to have her accidents.

Fortunately for Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover, I cannot write this review as a panning. Prior precedent prevents that! When I reviewed Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Odor & Stain Remover (here!), I could not allow myself to downrate it because, while it only eliminated odors and stains without discouraging future messes, it made no promises to discourage future messes. Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover makes no such claims, either, so I cannot hold it against the product that Myah has returned to the same spots to have her accidental urinations.

Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover comes in a 32 oz. bottle with a spray trigger top. The nozzle ends in a simple, pretty standard, rotating cap that offers three spraying options: Off, Spray and Stream. The "Off" function locks the trigger and prevents anything from being sprayed. This is handy for those who have children kicking around who might otherwise enjoy getting into a bottle like this. The "Spray" setting creates a fine mist that dusts a decent area, about six inches square when held a foot away. The "Stream" option shoots a concentrated beam of fluid out at the target and offers the most force for the cleaner.

The actual product is a clear, liquid with a faint, sugary scent to it. The scent is inoffensive and almost unnoticeable, but it smells surprisingly like a sugar cookie frosting! Having had plenty of this stuff on my skin - including in an open wound on my hand - I can honestly say that it does not irritate the skin.

The directions for use recommend removing as much solid matter as possible before spraying the Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover and I have found that to be a good suggestion. Otherwise, the user simply grinds in dirt, poop and pee into one's rug and there is not much point in that. Once the matter is gone - and to be fair to poor Myah, she usually just has urination accidents and we discover them well before it can soak into the carpet- simply shake the bottle up and spray the Grreat Choice on. Then wait for at least ten minutes and blot it off. This is a remarkably easy product to use. I usually use the "Stream" setting simply because this results in the cleanser foaming up and I can see clearly where it has hit and clearly see it working. There have been times I have used the "spray" function, walked away for ten minutes and been unable to find where the stain had been without sticking my hand in it (yea antibacterial soap!).

On my short, tightly woven rug upstairs, which is a lighter rug, the stain removing property works out perfectly. The stains disappear completely with one spraying and/or a minimal amount of blotting/rubbing to get anything lifted off. This is very easy to use and remarkably effective at removing the stain. On the short rug, the scent is gone almost instantly, as well. It is replaced for about an hour with that faint scent of the Grreat Choice cleaner, but even that soon dissipates.

Unfortunately, the product does nothing to truly discourage Myah from peeing in the same place later on. I have used the Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover on the rug and it has not had any effect to diminish Myah’s use of the workroom as a first choice to have an accident (I wish she would wake us when she needs to go out!). But, again, to the credit of Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover, it makes no claim to dissuade dogs from peeing in the same spot.

The Grreat Choice Dog Stain & Odor Remover does seem to last, even with my well-watered dog. I can usually make a bottle last for a few months. This actually works and it is one that is pretty easy to recommend.

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