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The Conclusion Of The Dominion War Comes In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Seven!

The Good: Excellent character, plots, acting and special effects
The Bad: None; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine goes out on a high note!
The Basics: The Dominion War comes to its amazing conclusion in this bonus-packed DVD set. A true classic!

I tend to refer to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the underappreciated, underdog of the Star Trek franchise, as an epic. Indeed, it is. Over seven years, the series told one big story about a time and place that was distinctive, grand and impressive. It populated a space station with distinctive, intriguing characters and it held the attention of those who gave it a chance. The seventh season DVD set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a fitting conclusion to this amazing saga.

Deeply wounded by the death of his best friend at the sixth season's conclusion, Sisko begins the season on Earth while Kira commands Deep Space Nine. On Earth, Sisko learns the truth about his lineage and comes to understand the nature of the religious person he is and is to become. He returns to Deep Space Nine after successfully reopening the wormhole, with Ezri Dax in tow. The season finds Sisko working diligently to end the war, Ezri becoming familiar with the station and the people she finds in her life and Kira coming to realize she can be the leader she has always wanted to be. As the war turns in the favor of the Federation and its allies, the Dominion gains a powerful new ally that threatens to crush the Federation.

The seventh season is massive in its scope. While the war story is the dominant one, the season tackles issues of theology ("Shadows And Symbols"), psychoanalysis ("Afterimage"), loyalty ("Treachery, Faith, And The Great River"), love ("Chimera") and political intrigue ("Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"). The season does an excellent job of illustrating the horrors of war ("The Siege of AR-558") and balancing it with nice family moments ("'Til Death Do Us Part"). As with the previous six seasons, the characters are what is important and here is how they develop toward the conclusion of the series:

Garak - Experiences great resentment over causing the death of so many Cardassians ("Afterimage"), so he organizes a Resistance movement on Cardassia ("Tacking Into The Wind"),

Damar - The leader of the Cardassian Union travels a redemptive arc in the finale of the series,

Martok - Confronts his birthright as a Klingon ("Once More Unto The Breach") and finally takes what should be his as a warrior ("The Dogs Of War"),

Dukat - Now a religious fanatic ("Covenant"), Dukat nudges Damar in the right direction while he goes to meet his own fate on Bajor ("Strange Bedfellows"),

Jake Sisko - Has almost no role outside supporting Nog, though the last shot of the series is his . . .

Nog - Now a full StarFleet officer and a soldier, he comes to realize the painful realities of the life he has chosen ("The Siege Of AR-558"),

Quark - Rescues the Grand Nagus from the alternate universe ("The Emperor's New Cloak") in a culmination of that subplot,

O'Brien - Bonds with Ezri in his quest to do right by Bilby ("Prodigal Daughter") and makes a decision on what's best for his family ("What You Leave Behind"),

Ezri - Reconciles herself to life on the station ("Afterimage"), life around Worf ("Penumbra"), and life with someone new,

Bashir - Becomes the spy he always wanted to be ("Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" and "Extreme Measures") and comes to realize his life as a scientist is what he truly needed,

Worf - Deals with his profound loss ("Shadows And Symbols") and moves on,

Odo - Feels the lure of his people after he is infected with a virus that kills Changelings ("When It Rains . . ."),

Kira - Takes charge of Deep Space Nine ("Shadows And Symbols"), learns to love ("Chimera") and does what she can to resolve Bajor's place in the galaxy,

Sisko - Comes to understand that he is a being of destiny ("Image In The Sand") and he finally meets his destiny ("What You Leave Behind").

The seventh season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has something for anyone who loves science fiction or just great drama. For the science fiction enthusiasts, there are massive space battles and medical mutations. For lovers of great drama, there are stories of how people deal with profound loss and how they work together to overcome. This is drama at its best.

The acting is once again top notch, with Avery Brooks leading the amazing cast. Nicole deBoer is an excellent addition to the ensemble, eagerly portraying youth and genuine kindness in her Dax. It is Nana Visitor who takes the biggest leaps forward here, opening up Kira's emotional side in several episodes. No longer emotionally distant or resistant, Kira is played by Visitor in this season with a wide array of very realistic emotions.

While not for those who have not seen the previous six seasons, the DVD treatment of the seventh season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a real treat. The behind the scenes bonuses are wonderful and they help encapsulate an amazing story. Deep Space Nine remains true to what it is up until the very last shot of the series. This is going to be the most enduring science fiction drama. Trust me, it's worth the investment. Get ahead of the game and pick it up now.

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