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Gollum’s New Favorite Cat Treat Is One I’m Happy To Give Him: Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats For Cats!

The Good: Gollum loves it, Inexpensive, Helps maintain my cat’s oral health!
The Bad: Honestly, none that I can find!
The Basics: An exceptionally simple and effective cat treat, Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control please my cat Gollum more than any other treat I can recall!

I don’t care what anyone says; sometimes the best things for animals are the least expensive ones. It is not a philosophy a lot of people seem to adopt, but as one who is fairly poor and definitely cheap, getting cat treats inexpensively makes me happy. The only thing that makes me even happier is when my cat loves them. That is exactly what I discovered with Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control Treats For Cats. This is, arguably, the best cat treat ever as it is the perfect marriage of my cat’s love for the treat and an inexpensive pricetag that has almost no impact on my finances!

Gollum, my little black cat who is, admittedly no longer as young as I see him in my mind’s eye, has never even had bad breath, except when he eats something temporarily yuckifying his breath. The Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control treats work exceptionally well as a preventative measure to him getting bad breath in addition to cleaning his teeth when he does consume something that smells unsavory.

Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control cat treats are crunchy little treats that are about 1/2” long, 1/4" wide and 1/8” tall and are shaped like little drumsticks. Opening the white Rival bag, which is resealable, the aroma that is released is more like grain and chicken than anything unpleasant or overly meaty.

Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control treats are the only cat treats I now get for Gollum, outside my attempts to review new ones, because he absolutely loves these treats. In addition, they serve a function; they clean my cat's teeth. Given how much I love Gollum and how effectively these treats keep his mouth, they are an exceptional investment for only $1.00 for the 4.5 oz. plastic pouch of these treats. When Gollum is loud and whiny, they quiet him. When he is quiet and affectionate, they reward him and they are good enough for him that I don’t mind mixing them in with his food to ensure his dental health is taken care of!

The package does not provide a serving recommendation, but I have found Gollum – now about ten pounds - enjoys 10 - 14 treats in a serving for bigger cats a day. I usually go through about one 4.5 oz. bag in three to four weeks, so for the price, this treat cannot be beat. The pouches I bought most recently do not expire until the middle of December of this year, so this is a decent treat to stock up on.

Moreover, the Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control treats are very healthy. With a minimum of 30% crude protein and 8% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for Gollum. It turns out, he apparently finds healthy delicious when the product is made primarily of chicken byproduct meal, ground wheat and wheat flour! Given that these treats are loaded with Calcium, Phosphorous, Linoleic Acic, and Taurine, Gollum is getting a lot of nutrients while keeping his teeth clean.

I refuse to taste sample this treat myself to determine whether or not they taste like what they are supposed to (then again, it has been years since I've seen a dentist . . .). My cat not only likes these, he absolutely loves them. For such a healthy snack with obvious dental benefits, it is impossible for me to not enthusiastically recommend Rival Chicken Flavored Tartar Control cat treats!

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