Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gear Head OM3400U 3 Button Optical Mouse Is A Surprisingly Decent Basic No-Frills Computer Mouse!

The Good: Inexpensive, Functional, Plug-and-play compatible, The scrollwheel works, Easy to use, Somewhat durable.
The Bad: Cord and shell are easy to damage
The Basics: The Gear Head OM3400U 3 Button Optical Mouse is an effective, inexpensive, basic computer mouse that works on virtually any computer!

Despite being a very happy and confident liberal in most every way, it turns out that there are still some ways that I am uncharacteristically conservative. Most of those aspects of me have to do with modern technology. I am, by no means, a technophobe. However, when my wife presented me with a new laptop computer, the first thing we did was go out and buy me a new mouse. I am not a fan of touchpad mice and I pretty much refuse to use them. I am, however, very attached to optical mice with scroll wheels and if anyone ever tries to force us all to convert, I’ll probably stock up on some cheap ones. As it turns out, cheap is pretty much all you need with an optical mouse, which I discovered with the Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse (model #OM3400U).

The Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse is an inexpensive corded mouse and, as little as Gear Head might not want me to write it, it’s a cheap mouse. With a thin cord that connects to a USB port, the Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse is exceptionally lightweight. It also has buttons that stick occasionally and it pops apart when you drop it. But, amazingly enough, it also snaps right back together. That is why, despite calling this $5.00 mouse cheap, I enthusiastically recommend it after six months of using mine!

The Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse is an ambidextrous design black plastic mouse with a thin cord. I keep stressing the thin cord because after six months of daily use, the 4 1/2' cord that connects the Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse to the USB port has already cracked and chipped a chunk off. Even so, the 4 1/4” long by 2 1/2" wide by 1 1/4” tall fits nicely in either hand and it is easy and comfortable to use for hours on end.

The Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse features two forward buttons that spring back when they are pressed down. This mouse, more than any other I have had, has an audible click when one touches the button. The scroll wheel does not wear easily and in the six months of pretty constant use, my Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse has not lost any of its precision or accuracy when it comes to controlling the cursor or responding to clicks or wheel movements.

As a Plug-and-play mouse, the Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse works on both PC and Mac systems; I frequently change it between three different computers and it works fine. In fact, for only $5, anyone who refuses to learn to use a touchpad mouse can get a decent, optical mouse that works. Should this style mouse ever get outlawed, the Gear Head 3 Button Optical Mouse is the one I would stock up on!

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