Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Surprising Failure From NutriSource, Myah Avoids PureVita Duck & Oatmeal Dog Food!

The Good: Very nutritious, Smells great!
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Myah avoids it.
The Basics: Myah has stretched her fifteen pound bag of NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal adult dog food, by simply refusing to eat it consistently.

Following on the heels of the NutriSource PureVita Salmon & Potato Formula dog food (reviewed here!), I lowered my expectations for the NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food. Unfortunately, coming out of the “one new food each week” runaround I was performing late last year, the Duck & Oatmeal dog food is one of the bags that has lingered in our home. The fifteen pound bag is one of the more expensive ones we bought and Myah has illustrated a real antipathy toward it.

NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food is a food that prides itself on having quality ingredients and providing a wide array of nutritional benefits, but that is not enough to entice Myah into eating it. She only eats this food as a last resort, when she is hungry and unable to beg something away from myself or my wife.


A single serving of NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food is a cup to a cup and a half for a big dog like Myah and she is supposed to get two servings per day, so a fifteen pound bag should have lasted us only a month with our five year-old fifty pound Siberian Husky. She has made it last quite a bit longer than that. Each piece of NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food is a brown ovaloid disc that is very mealy in its texture and quite hard. They are approximately 1/2" in diameter and 3/16” (many closer to 1/4") thick. Myah sulks when eating this food, so she eats them only a pellet or two at a time.

Ease Of Preparation

As a dry dog food, preparation of NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food is as easy as opening a bag and measuring out the pellets inside. There is no further prep needed.

Myah’s Reaction

Myah seems to really dislike this food. The food smells sweet, like brown sugar and cinnamon, which makes me wonder why she does not go for it at all eagerly. The aroma intrigued me because it did not smell even remotely meaty. Myah must be able to smell the NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food, because when it is poured into her bowl, it sounds like other dog foods, but I have watched her sniff the air after I pour her a bowl and she went right back to sleep! Apparently, after the novelty of the first bowl wore off, she was very much done with this dog food.

The Duck & Oatmeal food left Myah’s breath, on the few times she has actually eaten her whole bowlful, smelling good, though she seldom has bad breath when eating traditional dog foods.


NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food has a delightful scent that dissipates quickly and is made with trendy acai berries and pomegranates, along with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Made primarily of duck, duck meal, and oatmeal, only a few of the ingredients are natural before the list turns into a chemistry equation. After “garlic,” the Duck & Oatmeal is a virtual vitamin pill. According to the guaranteed analysis, NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food has at least 24% crude protein, 13% crude fat, but no more than 6% crude fiber and 10% moisture. As a dry dog food, it is highly recommended that you have adequate water available for your dog when serving it NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food.


NutriSource PureVita Duck & Oatmeal dog food might have quality ingredients, but Myah refuses to endorse it on the taste; I’m right behind her based on the price and her reaction!

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