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The Luke Skywalker Angry Bird Plush Continues The Unimpressive Line!

The Good: Good stitching? Safe for children, Looks like the Luke Angry Bird.
The Bad: Vastly overpriced, Low playability.
The Basics: The Star Wars Angry Birds plush Luke Skywalker is another silly looking plus from a pretty obvious cashgrab toy line.

Despite how my wife insists that, when it comes to collectibles, I have very little of what passes for taste, I know what I like and I have pretty good instincts for what is likely to appreciate in value. I tend to avoid the obvious cashgrabs and go for the things I like. For all my enjoyment of the Angry Birds Star Wars app game, most of the merchandise that surrounds this phenomenon seems ridiculous to me. So, after ripping a new one to the Leia Angry Bird plush (that review is here!), I find myself now considering the equally ridiculous Luke Angry Bird plush.

For those unfamiliar with the Luke character from Star Wars Angry Birds (reviewed here !), it doesn’t matter; the birds in Angry Birds do not have actual personalities. Instead, this is a parody of Luke Skywalker and a combination with one of the most powerful, the red Angry Bird.


The Star Wars Angry Birds plush Luke is part of a current movement in toys where recognizable characters are changed into something else entirely. This looks only vaguely like Luke Skywalker as he appeared in A New Hope and with his additives – a hairpiece and robe – he only looks slightly like the red Luke Angry Bird. This version of Red Angry Bird Luke is a 5” in diameter stuffed character that is essentially a big head with a lightsaber and basic cloak (a white ring/brown belt at the bottom) that is supposed to pass as Luke. This Luke is distinctive in that he has a lightsaber, blonde hair, blonde eyebrows and a belt that vaguely resembles Luke Skywalker.

The Luke Angry Birds plush does not include any sort of extended costume or body; this is a very pure representation of the Angry Birds Luke with embroidered black eyes and red and tan skin, a bright yellow beak and the costume sewn onto it.


There are no accessories with this plush doll, though the lightsaber hilt is sewn onto the plush.


The playability of this Luke is severely limited as it is a plush and it does not have a body. Annoyingly, this plush falls over or rolls over constantly, so it is poor for posing as well. One supposes little children may snuggle with it because it is entirely soft, but that is about it.


The Commonwealth Toys Star Wars Angry Birds plushes seem to be a failure commercially, as I never seem to have any problem finding any of them, including this silly Luke plush. One suspects as the current fad for inaccurate dolls and Angry Birds fades, these will rightly become worthless. As it stands now, they are vastly overpriced in the $10 - $17 range. I suspect that the peak price has already been reached and that Luke’s value will only go down as time goes on and people wake up to the fact that the Star Wars Angry Birds plush thing is a pretty lousy fad.


The Red Skywalker Angry Bird plush is unremarkable and for the price, fans can do much, much better.

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