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Gollum And Timber Reverse Their Usual Positions For Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food!

The Good: Nutritious enough, Gollum loves it, Made with good ingredients, Affordable!
The Bad: Does nothing for urinary tract health/dental benefits, Timber is distinctly disinterested in it.
The Basics: What could be a good staple cat food, Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food is undermined by the fact that my always-hungry cat Timber avoids it.

Not too long ago now, my wife and I took in a shelter rescue cat. His name is Timber and he is a rambunctious little three year old cat. He is also a ravenous eater and, presumably because of the time he spent in a shelter before we found him, he is also an aggressive shitter. I swear, I have never seen anything like it; he will eat aggressively and then within an hour, he will sneak into the bathroom’s litterbox and so determinedly poop out all he has eaten that it will not be particularly solid and it will be bloody. In the last few weeks we have finally gotten him to the point where he does not have blood in his stool. I think it is actually because of Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor cat food. The reason I attribute Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor cat food to Timber’s sudden improvement in health is simple; he does not like it. Timber will eat this cat food, but only when he is finally hungry enough to eat. Unlike every other food and the shelter mentality which has had him gorging for months, Paws Premium seems to be encouraging him to only eat when he is hungry.

This is significant, and a bit ironic, because when I picked up this cat food, I did so because it was so inexpensive. My mindset was, why am I paying for higher-quality cat food when Timber just aggressively poops it out before he can truly digest it? Also ironic is that Gollum, who is a proven finicky eater, actually seems to love this less expensive dining option.


Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food is a cat food formulated for adult cats. The Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food cat food regularly comes in a sixteen pound reinforced paper bag that is priced in our local grocery store at about $8.99. As a cheapskate and poor person, this is one of the least expensive cat foods on the market and it is unsurprising as a result that ground yellow corn is at the top of the ingredients list.

The Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food food comes with four different pieces. They are each 3/8” to 1/2" long and wide and a thickness of around 3/16”. The pieces range from red and brown fish shapes to tan and dark brown chicken and turkey legs. The mix is evenly distributed between the various shapes and all are quite hard.

Ease Of Preparation

Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food cat food is a hard cat food that comes in a large bag, so preparation only involves opening the bag and measuring out the proper serving size for your cat, as determined by its weight. For both Timber and Gollum, that means a 2/5 – 1 1/4 cup serving (each) and the sixteen pound bag should last us almost two months at that rate, especially if Timber continues to eat less than his full serving each day.

Gollum And Timber’s Reactions

This cat food smells very mealy, but not unpleasant. The Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food has an aroma that is more grainy than meaty. Actually, it smelled a lot like fresh baked donuts, which was weird for me.

Every time I open the bag of Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food catfood, Gollum comes running. Gollum will devour this food and defend the food dish when I fill it. Timber, on the other hand, only seems to eat it when we refuse to give him anything else. So, one loves it, one is indifferent, though he will eat it.


The Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Paws Premium Cat Food is a rather nutritious cat food. The guaranteed analysis of it indicates that it has a minimum of 31% crude protein and 11% crude fat. With no more than 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture, this is a food that is balanced and, interestingly, has different serving sizes based on how active one’s cats are. Always have adequate water near your cat’s feeding area!

As well, those who are concerned about what goes into their pets will be pleased by how this is a mostly natural cat food this is, with only the bottom half of the ingredients are vitamins and chemicals. The main ingredients, however, are ground yellow corn, soybean meal, and corn gluten meal. While the end of ingredient list is a chemistry equation I can barely comprehend, the primary ingredients are all recognizable. My point is that Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food cat food is could be a lot worse. It does not, however, have any specific dental benefits, nor urinary tract protection built into the formula.


Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food is a very average cat food, with nothing superlative about it, but given how much my finicky cat Gollum usually is, the fact that he consumes it enthusiastically makes it a little above pure average in my book. Given how Timber eats it more conservatively, this might actually be more of a benefit than a detraction for this food. Either way, Paws Premium Chicken, Turkey, & Salmon Flavor Cat Food is a good inexpensive cat food worth using in households on a budget with multiple cats as a staple food.

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