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Hartz Has A Simple Winner With Their Mini Mice Cat Toys!

The Good: It seems to tap into everything a cat might love, Inexpensive
The Bad: Way too durable, so cats insist on playing with it forever!
The Basics: Hartz Mini Mice Cat Toys are so durable that Timber plays for hours with them and only stops when I have to take them away for my sanity!

For those who read my blog regularly, Gollum has matured a lot in the last few years and now, he enjoys relaxing more than he likes playing. I was worried that he was gaining some weight, but two things happened to stop him from gaining weight, remaining sedate, and keeping on what weight he did gain over the winter: we got Timber and Hartz Mini Mice Cat Toys. Between the two, Gollum is getting more active again, but the truth is the real story here is about Timber (for sure!). Timber is only four years old and he seems exceptionally happy to have a loving family now. So, we quickly found that Gollum’s old toys were not going to be enough for our rambunctious new cat. Fortunately, the Hartz Mini Mice Cat Toys have come to our rescue.

The Mini Mice comes in a three pack for $1.00 and has three mice – their color seems to vary with each of the packs. This is basically a little cotton-filled mouse-shaped wedge covered in an incredibly well-stitched cotton cloth exterior. The mouse is two inches long with a string tail that extends an additional two inches. The toy has two felt eyes glued on (they usually last two to three days with active playing) and felt ears and thread whiskers that last for not much longer than the eyes. The tail might get chewed up pretty fast, but the main body is incredibly durable and that seems to be enough for Timber.

This would seem to be a simple enough toy; one squeezes the mouse, which is enough to get Timber’s attention, throws the mouse and one's cat leaps after it. Timber brings it back immediately and if I have managed to keep Timber away from it, even Gollum will bring it back to me. I frequently find Timber playing with his mice on his own, but far more often, Timber will find his mouse, carry it in his mouth to wherever I am sitting and doing work, drop it and look at me expectantly. Timber, alas, never seems to get tired of catching, retrieving and returning with these mice and they are up to the task. After a month of play, not one has been torn up by his claws to be rendered unusable!

And poor Gollum! If I toss the mouse too close to Gollum, he will look at it like he wants to get in on the fun, but Timber will pounce on it and growl at Gollum like Gollum used to do to Brillo back in the day! Yes, the Mini Mice Cat toy makes energetic cats downright psycho and territorial! The only way Gollum ever has a chance to play with this toy is when Timber is locked in a separate room. Sadly, that is very hard to do and requires a coordinated effort on the part of my wife and myself.

This is one of those toys that seems to continue the Pounce tradition of classic conditioning (this is in no way associated with Pounce treats) as children, er, cats who play with this toy seem to respond to the sound regardless of when it comes up. This means, if I am trying to clean the house and one of the Mini Mice is in my way, if I toss it, Timber will appear out of nowhere to retrieve it. Whenever I squeeze this toy, Timber comes running.

The nice thing is that at $1.00 for a three pack, these are inexpensive and with a play life well over a month and a half, they certainly become a value in the long run.

In fact, all I don't like about them is the effect it has on my cat. Timber cries constantly whenever he knocks the toy under the oven or the refrigerator. He'll sit and meow plaintively until I come and retrieve it for him. That’s fine . . . except at 2 A.M. when I am sleeping. That doesn’t stop Timber. Then, Timber will knock it back under the appliances! Also, there have been several mornings where I was awakened to Timber pouncing on me and dropping this mouse toy onto me and waiting for me to throw it.

It's a great toy and I suspect most cats will love this as a lifelong plaything, especially if they get one at an early age!

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