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Entirely Average: VO5 Shea Cashmere Silky Experiences Shampoo Is A Staple Shampoo, Nothing More.

The Good: Price, Cleans hair well, Does seem to nourish hair
The Bad: Nothing distinct in the scent, Does not condition, Has no remarkable or superlative properties.
The Basics: VO5 Shea Cashmere Shampoo is an entirely basic shampoo that is not bad, but is thoroughly unremarkable.

It is a pretty rare thing that I discover that one of the shampoos or conditioners I am about to review is actually a new-to-the-market product, though, I suppose that given that I now live in pretty much the middle of nowhere, a “new” product could actually be available elsewhere for quite some time! I find myself considering this idea as I sit down to write about VO5's Shea Cashmere Silky Experiences Shampoo because I just noticed that it is marked as “New.” I suspect the reason I am so contemplative about the idea that it is new is that I have absolutely no idea whether or not I care if it survives in the VO5 product line.

On the one hand, VO5 Shea Cashmere Shampoo has nothing particularly bad about it. It cleans hair, as it is supposed to and what scent it has is entirely inoffensive. But, as one who loves well-scented shampoos, the Shea Cashmere is entirely underwhelming and left me unimpressed. But, at the same time, I see value in a good, inoffensive staple shampoo and the Shea Cashmere certainly fits the bill for that.

This Shea Cashmere shampoo comes in a 15 oz. bottle for $1.00 (on sale) and it is slightly frosted in its appearance and slippery when wet. The bottle tapers near the top to make it easier to hold, but the surface is fairly slippery when in the shower. Fortunately, the big cap is a flip open top that opens and closes easily with a thumb. It's very easy to use this product one handed (which is good because most people I know put the shampoo on their hand before applying it to their scalp and hair), As well, the top has a large, flat surface so when the user is getting toward the end, it may be easily left inverted to let the shampoo come to the egress without the bottle falling over.

This Shea Cashmere is opaque and looks more like a conditioner or cream than a shampoo. It is a slightly tan fluid inside the frosted bottle and it looks almost like liquid wheat drenched in sun and milk.

Unfortunately, that somewhat indistinct quality that Shea Cashmere has in its appearance transfers to the scent. The Shea Cashmere shampoo smells very faintly of vanilla and has a lightly nutty, somewhat buttery scent to it. It is a remarkably unimpressive overall scent that is so nebulous and hard to define, one almost has to guess that they named the shampoo “shea cashmere” because it is trendy (there is no shea butter in this shampoo) and that was the closest they could come with an analogous scent.

That said, this shampoo is a pretty standard shampoo. It is viscous, less fluid than glycerin, more fluid than cake batter and it is easily applied. This shampoo lathers up very well and quite quickly. It rinses out as easily, leaving hair clean. Hair is visibly clean when one leaves the Shea Cashmere shampoo to set on the hair for several minutes. Under those circumstances, the Shea Cashmere Shampoo is nice because it strips away some of the oils on days when I've been out in the garden and getting hot and sweaty and the oils in my hair are building up. This shampoo cleans and it leaves the hair feeling clean.

As well, this is a nice option for those who do not like strong scents. That, however, is not me. Having a faint scent doesn't do it for me.

But moreover, for this Shea Cashmere known as a moisturizing shampoo and yet I’ve seen very little of that with the shampoo on its own. While the shampoo is adequate at cleaning, without its accompanying conditioner, it does very little else. For those who do not like to spend a lot on things like shampoo (after all, it does just go down the drain!) this is a nice, affordable option that does what it promises as far as cleaning, if nothing more.

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