Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan Works Wonderfully For Small Cat (Like Mine!)

The Good: It fits Gollum, Comparatively inexpensive, Durable
The Bad: Easily scratched
The Basics: Gollum’s new Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan is making my life (and his bathrooming) much easier!

For those who are not regular readers to my blog (welcome!), in addition to the many, many movie, music, toy, and food reviews I have written, I do the occasional (about one in thirty, since I started doing an organized order to these things!) pet product review. My wife and I have a Siberian Husky named Myah (and that someone has a birthday coming up, come to think of it!) and a little black can named Gollum. We had a black dwarf rabbit names Daisy, but she remained behind in a new, loving, home in New York when I moved out to be with my wife in Michigan last week. Myah and Gollum are making the transition well and that has made me feel better about this new, giant uncertain phase of life looming before me!

Gollum, especially, has come into his own in the new place. However, right before leaving New York, I ran into the house for his litter box and I neglected to consider how heavy it might be when I yanked it toward the door. I heard a pretty solid “crack” which was quickly muffled by the sounds of me swearing exceptionally loudly and vigorously. I had been using a Sterlite plastic box for a litterbox that Gollum and Daisy could share. Now that it had a crack going down the side, I decided it was time to move to something nicer than that. So, while my wife was showing me the area, we went up to a little pet store in nearby Gaylord (which people here inexplicably pronounce “Gaylurd”) where we found a new litterbox. For only five dollars, Gollum is now happily using a Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan.

The Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan is an 11” wide, 15” long, 4” deep litterbox. Ours is blue, slightly pearlescent plastic and holds a decent amount of Cat’s Pride Scoopable Litter (reviewed here!), which Gollum likes. Made in America with 20% recycled content, the Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan is, rather oddly, not coded for recycling itself! However, it is a clean, smooth, relatively stylish litter pan that easily fits our ten pound cat.

In fact, the only real drawback I could find to the Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan is that it is not especially strong. Gollum, like many cats, scratches when he buries his poop and urine-soaked litter. I’ve noticed a few scratches in the surface of his Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan already.

That said, the Pureness CP1 Cat Litter Pan is very easy to clean; our scoopable litter does not stick to the sides or bottom excessively (in fact, only where Gollum has scratched through the outer layer does it adhere to the plastic beneath. Even so, that still makes for an exceptionally cool litter pan that is inexpensive and actually works, making it quite worthwhile!

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