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Marginally More Playable, The Naboo Accessory Set Is Still Only Mediocre!

The Good: Decent sculpts, Grappling pack works exceptionally well!
The Bad: Grappling pack fits very few figures, No collectible value
The Basics: The Star Wars Naboo Accessory Set is one of the better Episode I kits, but it still enhances and matches exceptionally few Star Wars figures!

There is almost no reason, I have discovered since reviewing the Tatooine Accessory Set (here!) to review the Naboo Accessory Set from the Star Wars Episode I collection. And yet, it’s in my box of toys I’d like to review, so . . .


The Naboo Accessory Set is a package of seven accessories, without any figures. These accessories are designed to augment the 3 ¾” figures and present options that were more how characters appeared while on Naboo. Unfortunately, the main selling point of this set, the Grappling Hook Backpack was not actually used in The Phantom Menace! Instead, it was replaced (in actuality and in concept) with a series of grappling guns used by Queen Amidala and Captain Panaka. The result is this bulky backpack, which works exceptionally well, does not fit physically on most of the figures and fits the look and feel of even fewer of them!


The main accessory in the Naboo Accessory Set is the retracting grappling hook backpack. The retracting grappling hook backpack is a brown and bright orange backpack with a two-pronged grappling hook that protrudes from the top. Pulling the hook out reveals a foot-long nylon cord that is attached to a coil spring inside the pack and almost instantly retracts the hook and figure (if one is attached!) the moment they release it. The limited length of the cord, as well as the limited number of figures the straps fit, make this a far less cool accessory than one might initially think. Moreover, the pegs on the sides of the retracting grappling hook backpack are very fragile and, as a result, easily break off, especially as one plays with it swapping it between figures.

The Naboo Accessory Set includes a cloth robe that fits over most of the 3 ¾” figures. The dark brown robe is a clean one without any dirt or wear painted on. Instead, it looks like a clean robe that never got wet in the waters of Naboo!

The Naboo accessory pack includes a green-bladed lightsaber and an empty lightsaber hilt. The green lightsaber is three inches long and actually fits almost all of the figures produced around this time, as well as the ones since. The lightsaber hilt is a simple black handle without a blade. While this is a fair supplemental accessory, it does not have a peg that might allow Jedi figures to carry it on their belts, only in their hands.

There are also three gun accessories in the Naboo Accessory Set. One is a 1 3/8” blaster pistol, there is a second 1 ¼” long blaster pistol with a strap and the other is a 2 15/16” long blaster rifle. The blaster rifle fits only those figures that have a wide hand grip and is a monotonal black gun that is not distinct to any character or situation from The Phantom Menace. Fortunately, the rifle includes a strap that allows figures without the correct grip to sling it across their back! The first blaster pistol easily fits many of the figures, though it is a bit larger than most of the guns and figures, so it is slightly out of proportion with the 3 ¾” figures. Like the rifle is it only black, without any additional coloring details. The other blaster, the one with the strap, is made with speckled black gunmetal plastic. It looks like a Naboo blaster, save that it is dramatically oversized and even its strap is cast with the pearlescent plastic that makes it look metallic! It has the smallest grips of any of the guns, but is still too large for many of the Episode I figures (most notably the Padme and Anakin toys!).


The retracting grappling hook backpack remains vibrant and strong, even after all these years. The fast retraction of it adds a limited play function that is cool. Otherwise, it is just a dull accessory set that does not significantly enhance the play experience.


The Naboo Accessory Set is a supplement to the 1998 "Episode I" collection of four-inch action figures. This series of Star Wars action figures was generally overproduced. The Naboo Accessory Set was exceptionally overproduced and can still be found fairly cheaply even now.


An unremarkable supplement to several of the figures produced around the same time (and pretty much none of the newer ones), the Naboo Accessory Set remains a tough sell for serious collectors.

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