Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mediocre Execution: Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups Flop!

The Good: Peanut butter flavor is good, Inexpensive.
The Bad: Not the most nutritious thing ever, White chocolate is waxy and flavorless
The Basics: Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups are a bit of a disappointment for anyone who loves creamy, rich, white chocolate.

White Chocolate does not need to be flavorless. Sadly, though, some of the major mass-produced chocolatiers in the United States treat white chocolate like a flavorless cousin compared to milk or dark chocolate. Such is the case with Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups.


Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup are a fairly new Hershey's candy. The Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups are the same size and shape as the traditional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Like the rest of the Reese’s peanut butter cups, they come as pairs in a thin wax paper cup. The 1.5 oz. package houses two 21 gram candies.

Each Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup is sold as a pair for about $.99.

Ease Of Preparation

These are candy, so preparing them is as simple as opening the wrapper, removing it from the paper tray, and then eating the candy. There is no trick or mystery to eating Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup.


The Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups smell almost entirely of peanut butter. The aroma from these peanut butter cups is strong and inviting for anyone who loves peanut butter.

In the mouth, the White Peanut Butter Cup are waxy and flavorless until the white chocolate shell is broken. When that happens, the tongue is almost instantly overwhelmed by the flavor of the peanut butter, with no real flavor from the white chocolate in the flavor palate.

The Reese’s White cups leave a dry, salty aftertaste in the mouth after the last of the candies is consumed.


These are candy and a mass produced one at that, so it is tough to look at these for something nutritious and then blame them for not being healthy. Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup have mostly recognizable ingredients, which surprised me. The primary ingredients are peanuts, sugar, and vegetable oil. There is nothing unpronounable in these candies, though there are couple of abbreviated preservatives; everything else is easily identified.

A serving of the Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup is considered one package (two cups). From a single package, Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups provides 220 calories, 120 of those calories being from fat. There is no cholesterol in the White Peanut Butter Cups, but they do have 7% of one's daily sodium. There is only 4% of one's daily iron in the cups.

Honestly, these are candy and anyone looking to them for actual nutrition needs to get a reality check. These are not Vegan-compliant, nor are they recommended for anyone with a nut allergy as they contain peanuts! They are not noted to be either kosher or gluten-free.


The pack of these Reese's White Peanut Butter Cup remain fresh for quite some time. The ones I found in advance of Halloween had an expiration date of May 2018. Given that they are wrapped in a very sealed package, it is hard to imagine just what it would take for these to go bad outside melting and refreezing. Hershey's chocolates, even the white chocolates, do seem especially susceptible to melting, though.

As for cleanup, throw the wrappers away in socially appropriate places, as opposed to littering. Outside that, there is no real cleanup needed, unless one is eating them in a hot environment. In that case, it is likely one would need to wash their hands. If this chocolate melts into most fabrics, at least dark colored fabrics, it will stain. Getting them to melt, sadly, does not take much.


Reese's White Peanut Butter Cups fail to embody well the flavor of a decent white chocolate, undermining their overall novelty.

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