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A Must-Have For Anyone Who Loves Spicy Barbeque: Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate Bars Are An Intriguing Dessert!

The Good:A good embodiment of all the promised flavors, Wonderful quality, Does not melt easily, Good company!
The Bad: Comparatively expensive, Flavors transition, not blend, Very spicy
The Basics: The Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate Bars are pretty wonderful for what they promise . . . so long as one enjoys very spicy barbeque!

One of the nice things about returning home after a trip is being able to enjoy comfort foods that are not easily available on the road. For me, that is a few premium cocoas and sodas and premium chocolates, like those from Wild Ophelia that my wife gifted me before my trip. Returning home to try the Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars might not have been much of a comfort, given how spicy they are, but they were enjoyable and lived up to their promised flavors!


The Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate Bar is a solid dark chocolate bar from Wild Ophelia. Each 2 oz. chocolate bar is wrapped in a cardboard wrapper. Inside the cardboard case is a thick metallic plastic wrapper (with a seam resembling a Pop Tart more than a chocolate bar). The actual chocolate bar is 4 1/2” long by 2 13/16” wide by 1/4” thick. The Bar has no identifying marks or logos on it, but it is segmented to make four 1 1/8” wide by 2 13/16” long bars. The top features ribbing that give the bar a very Art Deco look that is distinctive.

The chocolate is firm, dark and not at all waxy; it’s a quality chocolate bar. Individually, the bars are found in the $5.99 range. Given the quality of these bars, it is tough to call them too expensive, especially with premium potato chips in them.

Ease Of Preparation

Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars are chocolate; preparing them is as easy as unwrapping the candy bar. Because the chocolate is a premium chocolate product, I recommend eating this a little at a time, not just biting right into the bar.


The Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bar smells predominantly like dark chocolate, though there is a hint of a spicy barbeque sauce in the bouquet. The aroma from these chocolate bars is very inviting, but not very potent.

In the mouth, the Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bar tastes like dark chocolate. In the initial flavoring, one only tastes a strong, dry dark chocolate. The potato chips embedded in the Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars manifest initially as a crunchy texture without adding much to the flavor. However, the more the dark chocolate melts away, the more the spices assert themeselves! And, woah nelly, are the barbeque spices spicy! The spices are enough to open up the nose, they are prevalent-enough! The result, though is a chocolate bar that transitions in its flavors as opposed to blends them. This is a candy that suddenly turns into a spicy snack.

The Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bar have an aftertaste that finally allows the potato of the potato chips to manifest in the palate. Until the chocolate and spice flavors dissipates, the salty potato chips cannot compete on the tongue. However, as soon as the barbeque flavor fades in the mouth, the potato chip flavor asserts itself.


Wild Ophelia makes their fine chocolates with quality ingredients, which is arguably why the range in price in the real world and online is a bit more than other chocolate bars! With the primary ingredients being bittersweet chocolate (70% cacao), potato chips, and barbeque spices, the Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars are a candy bar, not a legitimate source of nutrition needed to survive. That said, Wild Ophelia uses natural ingredients and organic ingredients where possible; none of the ingredients are unpronounceable. In a full 56 gram serving (2 ounce), there are 290 calories, 200 of which are from fat. This represents 35% of one's RDA of fat (69% of the RDA of saturated fat). Each bar has 95 mg of Sodium (which is low considering there are actual potato chips in these candy bars) and 4 grams of protein. There is a smattering of Vitamin C and Calcium (2% RDA, each) and a decent amount of Iron (35% RDA), but no other vitamins and minerals. In other words, this is not a snack to try to survive on.

While the bars are all natural with no artificial ingredients and have no preservatives, they do contain soy. As well, there is an allergy warning for milk, tree nuts and peanuts, which might make them questionable to those who observe a Vegan diet.


Because the chocolate is generally hard, as a dark chocolate, the Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars are comparatively hard to melt. Despite that, these should be kept cool in order to not melt, but I have not had any problems with mine. As long as they are kept cool and dry, these bars will last at least six months (the ones my wife gave me two weeks ago would have lasted until April 19, 2018, had I not eaten it up first).

Clean-up is easy, so long as the chocolate does not melt. The Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate bars have wrappers that ought to be properly disposed of, but otherwise, the chocolate washes off skin and non-porous surfaces. It the chocolate melts onto fabric, consult a fabric guide.


Wild Ophelia Barbeque Potato Chip Chocolate Bars are good for anyone who loves a spicy, chocolatey treat!

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