Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Low Durability Makes The Wheeler Rex 24" Hand Saw A Disappointment!

The Good: Handle actually holds up, Inexpensive
The Bad: Blade bends with even limited use, Cheap
The Basics: The 24" Hand Saw from Wheeler Rex has limited use and ended up disappointing me with even casual use.

Recently, I decided to take on a big project outdoors. The complex I live in has a forest, which is pretty awesome for my dogs. Shortly after Myah died, however, there was a huge storm and two trees fell and obscured the path that was her main route from our home to the clearings where she had been used to bathrooming. Benny has been with us for a few months now and I've been taking him all over for bathrooming. Recently, I felt the pull to recover the pathway Myah had used for Benny and that meant doing the hard work of cutting up the felled trees. For that, I needed a saw. After going through my tools and discovering I no longer had a hand saw appropriate for cutting through a downed tree, I went out to buy one.

When I found the 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw at my local discount store, I was a bit apprehensive. Ironically, my sense of apprehension that the 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw would be the right tool for the job came from the plastic handle. The plastic handle was attached to the metal blade by three screws and my feeling was that even for a comparatively small project like sawing through two trees, there was no way the tool would hold up. I was wrong.

Unfortunately, I was also correct.

The 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw absolutely failed on the durability front. It took less than a week of daily use (one to three hours each day) before the steel blade of the 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw was warped and bent in a way that was problematic.

The 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw is 28" long from the back to the tip and it has a 5 1/2" tall grip. The grip is wide enough to accommodate an adult hand in work gloves. After several days of use, the grip remained tight and firmly attached to the steel saw blade.

Unfortunately, despite the ridiculously easy ease-of-use of the 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw and the surprising strength of the grip, the saw blade was hardly durable for practical, continual, or professional use. After getting through the first tree and returning to a less thick tree for sawing, the blade quickly exhibited warping at its midpoint, which made it very hard to start new cuts midway through the second tree.

As a result, it is impossible to recommend the 24" Wheeler Rex Hand Saw for even moderate home use, much less a professional setting.

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