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A New Autumn Treat, Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Caramel Frosting Is Worth Picking Up!

The Good: Good flavor, Easy to spread and dispense, Decent shelf life
The Bad: Nutrition, Caramel flavor fades
The Basics: Pillsbury Caramel Creamy Supreme frosting is a generally well-flavored frosting that is augments baked goods well and holds its flavor on its own.

I like autumn for the wide variety of flavors that pop up. Usually, I tend to get excited for pumpkin spice, but this year, Pillsbury really has me appreciating caramel. Pillsbury has a seasonally available Caramel Apple flavored frosting, but for some reason, my local grocery store is clearancing the Creamy Supreme Caramel frosting. Despite it not being limited by the season, Caramel is associated (in my mind) with autumn and I was eager to pick up the Creamy Supreme Caramel Frosting when its price plummeted locally. And it is worth it!


Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Caramel frosting is a premade frosting produced by Pillsbury. It is part of Pillsbury Creamy Supreme's standard frosting line. Pillsbury’s Caramel frosting comes in the company’s standard 16 oz. plastic can. The Caramel frosting is light brown and creamy and the container comes with an easy to snap on blue top that allows one to reseal the leftovers for a limited amount of time.

Ease Of Preparation

Creamy Supreme is a frosting, so there is not much needed in terms of preparation. Simply pop off the plastic cap, tear off the foil safety seal below that and consume! It is that simple.

Of course, most people use frosting as a component in baking as opposed to a sweet release for gluttony. For those who actually want to use this frosting to frost cookies or a cake, this is an exceptionally easy-to-use frosting. It spreads very easily and it does not get hard, at least not for the days it took for me to consume the baked goods I spread it upon!


Opening the container of Creamy Supreme Caramel frosting, one is greeted by the potent scent of caramel. The aroma from this frosting is inviting and accurate, embodying perfectly the scent of warm caramel.

In the mouth, the Pillsbury Caramel Frosting is an excellent blend of caramel and sugary frosting flavors. The buttery, caramel flavor of the frosting is prevalent and the instant flavor on the tongue is very truly one of caramel. The frosting finishes with a very generic sugary flavor that overwhelms the more specific sweet flavor of the caramel flavor of the frosting.

The Caramel frosting has a very sweet aftertaste that does not last in the mouth very long after the last bit of it is consumed.


Obviously, as a frosting, Pillsbury is not a great source of nutrients. Given that the frosting is made primarily of sugar, palm oil and water, this was never going to be a nutritious product. There are various artificial colors and flavors in the Pillsbury Caramel frosting, so this is not an all-natural product.

The Pillsbury Caramel Frosting is not the best product on the nutrition front, though it is gluten free. A 2 Tbsp serving of Pillsbury’s Creamy Supreme Caramel frosting has 140 calories. There are 5 grams of fat, which represent 7% of one’s RDA of tat. Unsurprisingly, one serving is 8% of the RDA of carbohydrates and there is no protein in this frosting. There are, however, 55 mg of sodium in the frosting. This is not a food to try to live off of.


Keep the frosting sealed and it will last for quite some time. The container we picked up a month ago would have expired on March 29, 2018, had we not used it all well in advance of that! This frosting remains supple and spreadable for quite some time, even if the leftovers have been refrigerated.

As a product made mostly of sugar, the Creamy Supreme Caramel frosting is very easy to clean up, especially compared to actual caramel. Simply washing it off with hot water helps clean off anything this gets on.


Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Caramel Frosting is flavorful and true to its promised flavor, making it well worth picking up.

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