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Sterilizing? Maybe. Cleaning? Nope! Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes Disappoint!

The Good: Might well sterilize as it promises
The Bad: Environmentally irresponsible, Expensive, Low cleaning power, Poor scent
The Basics: Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes are one of the less successful Lysol products I've yet encountered.

Every now and then, I find a cleaning product at my local grocery store on clearance that I buy right away based on the idea that it seems exactly like something my wife would love for around the house. My wife is enamored with cleaning wipes, which I used to find troublingly wasteful, but she loves for the convenience. As well, she likes to be able to dispose of wipes we use as opposed to trying to wash our various washclothes and rags in our super crappy clothes washer (which was my preferred method of cleaning around the house until we moved to an apartment with a terrible clothes washer). So, when I saw the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes in our grocery store, I picked them right up.

I wish I had not.

I was drawn into the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes because unlike most of the wipes we have bought and used, the Dual Action Wipes have a textured side designed to allow the wipes to scrub surfaces that have more accumulated grime on them. The problem with the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes, other than the scrubbing side leading Lysol to charge twice as much for their canister of wipes, is that the scrubbing side does not actually work as promised.

Lysol Citrus Scent All Purpose Wipes come in a thirty-five pack plastic canister. The canister is a #2 recyclable canister, which can be recycled virtually anywhere that has a recycling program. The canister has a fairly small footprint as it is eight and three-eighths inches tall with a three inch diameter! The canister of Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes fits easily in one's hand.

The Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes has a medium-hard plastic container with a cap that has a flip top dispensing hole. If one fails to thread the wipes through correctly, the cap may be popped off and access granted to the container, though it is not recommended to leave the container open as the wipes will dry out.

What are Lysol Dual Action wipes? They are like baby wipes for one's furniture and possessions. Virtually any surface one might usually dust or use a limited cleaner on is what these wipes may be used for. Use of these wipes is ridiculously easy: flip the cap open on the top of the plastic container and pull the wipe out. As it exits the container, it will present the top of the next wipe for the next time. Close the container by clicking the cap back in place and wipe the surface you wish to clean with the wipe. It is that easy. When you are done, throw the wipe away!

Lysol Citrus Scent all purpose wipes are 7" by 7 7/8" rectangles of fibrous cleaning power. The baby wipe analogy is an apt one. These cleaning cloths are durable, clean and have limited stretch to them. The scrubbing side is not thick or abrasive enough to be very effective for cleaning, though.

As for the scent, the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes have a vague, antiseptic scent to them and it is not actually citrusy in the bouquet. The scent is clean and disippates fairly quickly, but it is not a pleasant aroma and it is not a clear scent that smells like anything enjoyable or fruity.

Wipes are traditionally good for cleaning up dirt where minimal scrubbing might be involved and the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes are all right on that front. They clean and (apparently) sterilize doorknobs, handles, and countertops. But the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes do not pick up much in the way of dirt or grime - wiping emptied litterboxes quickly clogged the scrubbing side of the wipes. The Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes leave streaks on any glass surfaces or monitors one uses them upon. That said, the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes hold up well with scrubbing and basic dusting.

The key selling point of the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes is the scrubbing power of the more abrasive side and it falls down completely on that front. Between the lack of a decent scent and the failure of the abrasive side, the Lysol Citrus Scent Dual Action Wipes are a bit of a flop.

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