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Worth The Expense? The Jury Is Out On OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 Shampoo!

The Good: Cleans effectively, Does not smell bad
The Bad: Scent is not evocative or distinctive, EXPENSIVE.
The Basics: OGX's Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo is a very average shampoo with a comparatively high price for its quality!

My wife has been experimenting with new (to us) shampoos and conditioners lately and that has given me the chance to try some things I do not usually try. For example, as one who loves strong, distinct scents in my hair care products, I had no real incentive to try the OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo. After all, with a name like "Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo," there is no clear indication of what the shampoo will smell like. Add to that, the advertising for this shampoo indicated it was created using cloudberry oil and my first reaction was "what the hell does that smell like?!" The OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo was my first experience with OGX (which is apparently Organix, though the bottle says "distributed by Vogue International," so the company name seems oddly less distinctive than a brand should want!).

OGX is a premium hair care line that has pretty much exploded in the marketplace over the last few years. Their reputation was one of the big reasons I was eager to try the bottles of Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 Shampoo, despite its name not giving anything away about its scent and given that "gravity-defying" seems like a benefit that would be very short in its endurance. This shampoo cleaned fairly well and did not leave any scent on the hair.

OGX shampoos are part of an expensive line of hair care products that tend to be found for an average price of $9.00 per 13 oz. bottle in most markets in the United States. The bottles are flat on the sides and tapered at the top, which makes them very slippery when wet. Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 is a light blue translucent shampoo that has good viscosity and is very much the standard shampoo as far as consistency goes. The Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo comes with a flip-top cap for fairly easy access to the shampoo, though it is a bit slippery to use with one hand while in the shower.

Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 is a shampoo, so there is no trick to using it. Simply place a dollop on your hand and rub it into your wet hair until it lathers up. Then rinse and repeat if necessary. I have long hair and I usually can get away with a quarter-sized dollop to clean my hair with most shampoos. Unfortunately, this requires the user to use two quarter-sized dollops, rinsing in between. As a result, the bottle lasts less than a month, which is faster than I go through most shampoos.

The Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 Shampoo does not claim to do anything other than clean hair, which it does when one uses it twice in one shower. This hydrating shampoo cleans, but after a week and a half of use, I noticed no change in how strong my hair was, nor was it lighter. As well, this shampoo did not have any conditioning properties, like healing split ends.

That said, in normal daily use, this was not a horrible shampoo. It does what it promises in terms of cleaning hair.

As far as the scent goes, Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 smells generic and mostly watery. The brief aroma that immediately is emitted from the bottle smells vaguely like cologne; my instant association was "Aqua Velva," but given how long it has been since I smelled that cologne, I'm not sure how accurate that is. That said, the OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 shampoo smells like aftershave for about five seconds before the aroma fades entirely.

On the positive side, because the Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 Shampoo is such a mild shampoo, it does rinse out of my hair remarkably easily. This shampoo may not be incredible, but it leaves no oily or heavy residue or obtrusive scents. The OGX Gravity-Defying & Hydration + O2 Shampoo is not bad, but for its price it ought to have been something more impressive.

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