Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sparkling Limoncello Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Is A Winner From Bath And Body Works!

The Good: Wonderful scent, Seems to work, Easy to apply
The Bad: Comparatively expensive.
The Basics: Bath & Body Works Sparkling Limoncello Anti-bacterial Hand Gel is delightful and fun to use!

Bath & Body works was a pioneer in the anti-bacterial hand gel market and they deserve a lot of credit for capitalizing on the market early and saturating it. At this point, all that truly separates the various anti-bacterial hand gels on the market is price (it has become a very competitive market) and scent. The effectiveness of anti-bacterial hand gels is very hard to prove without an environment filled with bacteria and a comprehensive understanding of one's immune system. The Sparkling Limoncello Hand Gel is a wonderful scent for an anti-bacterial hand gel, appears to work, and is only truly brought down by the expense of the hand gel as Bath & Body Works is more expensive than the non-brand name gels on the market. That said, the Sparkling Limoncello Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is one of the best in Bath & Body Works's line!

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels are like liquid hand soap. You drop a few drops of a gel onto your hands, then rub your hands together and the gel evaporates, killing bacteria on your hands. Also, it has the tendency to clean off mild amounts of dirt. It's a convenient way to clean your hands and keep them sterile while on the run or around a lot of sick people. Or when you're not around water, like when out shopping, or when you're trying to interact with people you don't want to get sick; there are a ton of times one might want to use these!

Honestly, anti-bacterial hand gels are amazing. The more I learn about the current trend in the spread of communicable diseases, and the ridiculous anti-vaccing movement, the more I want to use them pretty much constantly. I could come up with literally a thousand places and times I've used anti-bacterial hand gels. Anti-bacterial hand gels are essentially biological weapons against bacteria that are convenient, easy to use and an essential hygiene tool in America today.

Sparkling Limoncello scented anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath & Body Works features a scent that is fruity and delightful. The citrus scent is a decent mix of lemon and lime and it is not at all alcohol-scented. This 1 oz. PocketBac plastic bottle holds a fluid that is pretty much unique to the Bath & Body Works line. It is the ideal of the lemon and lime scent blend and it is delightful.

Sparkling Limoncello anti-bacterial hand gel comes in a pocketbac bottle for $1.75, $.99 on sale. The fluid is translucent bright yellow with tiny dark blue flecks in it. The globs don’t seem to do anything, including not offering friction needed to agitate dirt off the hands.

The bottle is an oval shape that fits in the hand rather easily. The flip-top lid makes it easy to open and close the bottle with one hand. This is especially convenient because if you believe you need to sterilize your hands, odds are you will not want to touch many things until you've done. The ability to manipulate the bottle with one hand while getting the product out is a good selling point.

The bottle recommends a dime-sized drop to sterilize one's hands. That seemed to work for me and when applying this gel.

Sparkling Limoncello anti-bacterial hand gel does not dry out the skin and it leaves the hands smelling delightfully citrusy for about ten minutes after using it. The Bath & Body Works Sparkling Limoncello Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is one of the best of the line and worth stocking up on; it is enough to cheer one up during dreary winter days with its light, fruity, summery aroma!

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