Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Fabric Softening Product That Works! JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls

The Good: Inexpensive, Environmentally responsible, Actually works, Easy to clean
The Bad: Long-term durability is unclear
The Basics: One of the pleasant surprises of recent purchases, the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls actually work incredibly well!

Every now and then, my wife comes up with a purchase that I am initially skeptical of, but quickly turns into a great investment for us. The JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls are one such product.

My wife suggested we purchase the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls in order to save on dryer sheets in the long-term. We've been using them for the past two months now and it is impossible for me to come up with aspects of the balls to criticize. We have a surprisingly crappy gas-heated clothes dryer and for the past four years, we have gone through a slew of boxes of dryer sheets for our fabric softening needs. My wife had been looking into the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls for months and when they surfaced at our local discount store, she picked them up for us right away. While we had been looking at them online in the $15 range, they became irresistible to buy at $2.99 for the pair!

The JMK Dryer Balls are bright pink plastic spheres that are covered in spikes. The 2 1/2" in diameter hollow plastic balls have 3/16" long spikes all over the balls. The JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls are incredibly easy to use. Simply place the two Dryer Balls in the dryer with your wet clothes and run your dryer like usual.

The Dryer Balls have a fabric softening quality to them. Since starting to use the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls, we have had to empty the lint trap in the dryer an average of three times per full cycle. The dryer balls somehow manages to completely eliminate lint on blankets, clothes, towels, etc. Years worth of lint that we never knew we had disappear from all of our fabrics when the JMK Dryer Balls are used in the dryer. The JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls heat up in the dryer and get soft, which might mean they might eventually crack, but after two months of use, ours have remained entirely intact!

On the other end, the clothes, bedding and linens that are put through dryer cycles with the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls come out fluffier, lint-free and softer than whenever we used fabric softening sheets. It is amazing that two little plastic devices manage to completely soften and lighten clothes in a way that fabric softener and fabric softener sheets never have.

Found at full price or on sale, the JMK 2 Pc. Dryer Balls seem to work absolutely perfectly, making them a great investment!

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