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Initially Intriguing, Objectively Indistinct, Sprecher Cream Soda Is Pleasant, But Pricy!

The Good: Does not taste bad (the honey IS distinct!), Well-carbonated
The Bad: Expensive, No real nutritional benefits, Somewhat mild flavor
The Basics: Sprecher Cream Soda is a bit overpriced for its surprisingly mild flavor.

A few days ago, I left my little town to see Doctor Strange (reviewed here!) on a much better screen than my local theater's screen and I used the opportunity to go shopping for things I cannot find in my small town. One of those things I was eager to pick up were new to me food and drinks and my wife started her holiday shopping (and giving!) for me early by picking me up a four-pack of Sprecher Cream Soda. Sprecher Cream Soda was a bit of a splurge for us and it is my first experience with the Wisconsin-based beverage maker.

Sprecher Cream Soda is good, but it is hardly distinct or intriguing to the tongue. Given its higher cost and its high carb/calorie count, it is a tougher sell for me.


Sprecher Cream Soda is a "fire-brewed" soda, though I have no idea how that translates into the flavor. We found the Sprecher Cream Soda at Target and even there is was comparatively expensive. Each 16 oz. glass bottle houses the pale tan liquid and we found ours in a four-pack for over $5.

The 16 oz. bottle is two 8 oz. servings of Sprecher Cream Soda, though it is very easy to drink it down in a single sitting.

Ease Of Preparation

Sprecher Cream Soda is a liquid in a brown 16 oz. bottle. Preparation is as easy as opening the bottle by popping the bottle cap off and drinking the liquid inside. I recommend refrigerating the bottle first as its full flavor potential is reached by having it cool.


Sprecher Cream Soda has a very light aroma to it. This cream soda smells faintly of vanilla and honey. There is very little scent to this cream soda.

On the taste front, Sprecher Cream Soda is sweet and mild; the flavor is not very potent. In many ways, Sprecher Cream Soda tastes like carbonated caramel if it were a beverage! What is distinct about the Sprecher Cream Soda is the honey in it. Sprecher Cream Soda utilizes Wisconsin honey as one of its ingredients and one can taste the honey as a sweet, intriguing flavor that pairs with the drier primary flavor. The best description I have for the flavor is that Sprecher Cream Soda tastes like a cola made at half-strength and then flavored with honey. Sprecher Cream Soda is interesting, but it is not the most distinct primary flavor for a cream soda, though it does not taste bad and the finishing flavor is sweet and intriguing.

Sprecher Cream Soda has a mildly sweet aftertaste that becomes dry for a few seconds before it disappears altogether!


As a soda, one might expect this to have many unpronounceable ingredients. However, Sprecher Cream Soda is made primarily of carbonated water, glucose syrup and maltodextrin. There are no unpronounceable ingredients in this and Sprecher is proud of including Wisconsin honey in their cream soda.

Nutritionally, Sprecher Cream Soda is not enough to live off of, but it is good. In addition to being gluten free and caffeine free, Sprecher Cream Soda has a surprising 33 grams of carbs. With 130 calories per serving, there are 40 milligrams of sodium in this. Sprecher Cream Soda has no fat, nor any other nutrients. What is odd is that the 16 oz. bottle is consider two servings!


Sprecher Cream Soda comes in a brown glass bottle and there is no clear expiration date on the bottle. There is what appears to be a batch code, but I was unable to find an expiration date on the bottle or the cardboard carrier.

This drink is a translucent tan color, but if it gets on very light fabrics it will certainly stain them. Consult a care guide for your clothes, though I suspect even on light clothes one will be able to wash the soda right out. As well, the drink wipes off surfaces easily with a cloth, assuming they are impermeable.


Sprecher Cream Soda is good, but hardly the best cream soda I have ever tried. While I usually prefer my cream sodas to have a stronger vanilla flavor, Sprecher Cream Soda has an interesting honey flavor that makes it worth trying, even it it's not one I would stock up on.

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