Thursday, September 29, 2016

Underwhelming To All Three: Pop'n Bites Salmon Flavor Cat Treats Are Not Our Cats' First Choice!

The Good: Good aroma and ingredients, Inexpensive
The Bad: Minimal dental benefits, None of our cats truly love them
The Basics: All three of our cats will eat Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor treats, but none of them go right for them!

Reviewing cat treats is a mix of objective factors - nutrition, ingredients, price - and subjective factors, most notably how my cats react to the product. With three cats, it becomes fairly easy to determine what products are a hit with the felines. Because cats are not always the most discriminating animals, sometimes I have to do comparative testing with my cats. When it came to the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor treats, the product was solidly average - the nutrition was fine, they were generally affordable, and as a crunchy cat treat, there were dental benefits to them - until I did some comparative testing. When the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats are the only treats available to my cats, they will all three go for it; but given another option - any other option that I had - the cats chose the other cat treat.


Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats are crunchy little treats that come in a 2 oz. bag for $2.49 locally. The Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats are 1/2" long, 5/16" wide and 1/4" thick at their thickest points. The Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats are fish-shaped with a brown and red mottled coloring to them. The treats are homogeneous in size and shape and our bag had only a few broken pieces in it, so they seem fairly durable and well-protected in their foil bag.

Ease Of Preparation

The Pop'n Bites treats are a treat, so preparation is as easy as opening the bag and removing a few of treats. I, occasionally, mix a few of the treats in with Timber and Elim’s food, but otherwise, they get five to ten of these per day! Timber and Evie have been known to steal them away from each other, but only when they are placed too close to each other. Otherwise, Timber, Evie, and Elim just eat their own piles of the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats without conflict. One they are dispensed, fold down the top of the bag in order to prevent them from going stale. The bag is not resealable.

Evie, Elim And Timber’s Reaction

Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor treats are eaten by Timber, Evie and Elim whenever they are placed in front of them. If the bag is left open, the cats will nuzzle the bag trying to get some of the treats, which makes sense given how strong the fishy scent from them is. All three cats consume the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats, but they generally do not seek them out. As well, given other options - including some cat foods we have tried - the cats will ignore the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats.


The package does not provide a recommended serving size for the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats. The pouches I bought most recently do not expire until December of 2016, so this is a mediocre treat to stock up on.

The Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor treats seem pretty healthy. With a minimum of 31% crude protein and 12% crude fat, but no more than 5% crude fiber and 10% moisture, these treats have a lot of nutritional benefits for both cats and the kitten. These treats are made primarily of fish meal, ground corn, and ground rice! Because they are hard, the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats have some dental benefits to them, but for our full-grown cats, the dental benefits were minimal; the treats are so small that they only require a single bite from Elim and Timber to break them up for swallowing. Elim, especially, is a pig in that way, so he gets very little dental cleaning from consuming the Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats.


The Pop'n Bites Salmon flavor cat treats are a fair treat, but not exceptional.

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