Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adequate Experience: Faygo Tonic! Is An Average Tonic Water

The Good: Inexpensive, Good flavor
The Bad: No real nutritional benefits, Not as carbonated/tangy as some other tonic waters
The Basics: Faygo Tonic! is a good, basic, tonic water that meets the needs of tonic water fans without any real flair.

There are a number of products that I review that I quickly discover are from a brand that is decidedly average. That is not a dig; some brands produce an inexpensive product that generally serves as a baseline for the product, making something without any real flair. My experience with Faygo Creme Soda (reviewed here!) suggested that Faygo was one such brand. My experiences with Faygo Tonic! only reinforced that. Faygo Tonic! is a good, but in no way exceptional tonic water.

Faygo Tonic! is a basic tonic water that trades on affordability over anything special with the flavor as it is only about a dollar for a liter bottle!


Faygo Tonic! is an inexpensive soda and my wife and I found it locally in the soda aisle at the grocery store and for marginally less money at the local discount store. Each 1 liter plastic bottle houses the clear liquid, which is the actual soda. The bottles look like a slightly smaller version of a 2 liter of soda. There is nothing extraordinary about Faygo’s packaging of the Faygo Tonic!

The 1 liter bottle is about four servings of Faygo Tonic! and for the many bottles we've had, we had gotten a full four servings out of each.

Ease Of Preparation

Faygo Tonic! is a clear liquid in a clear liter plastic bottle. Preparation is as easy as opening the bottle by unscrewing the bottle cap off and drinking the liquid inside. I recommend refrigerating the bottle first as its full flavor potential is reached by having it cool.


Faygo Tonic! smells marginally lemony. This soda does not have a very strong scent to it, possibly because it is not the most overly carbonated beverage. The Tonic! does not effervesce excessively and its bouquet does not hint much at its flavor.

In the mouth, the Tonic! is very sour, which is appropriate for a tonic water. Perhaps the best analogy is that the Tonic! tastes like the aftertaste of lime, specifically lime peels. The flavor is basic and leaves a slight dry flavor in the mouth; the sourness does not endure for very long in the mouth.


As a soda, one might expect this to have many unpronounceable ingredients. However, Faygo Tonic! is made primarily of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, and citric acid. The rest of the ingredients are unpronounceable and the beverage does include Quinine. Faygo does not waste ingredients on coloring.

Nutritionally, Faygo Tonic! is not enough to live off of and it is not actually good for the consumer. While it appears to be gluten free, Faygo Tonic! has 19 grams of carbs. With 80 calories per eight ounce serving, it is unsurprising that there are 25 milligrams of sodium in this. Faygo Tonic! has no fat, nor any other nutrients.


Faygo Tonic! comes in a plastic bottle and with an expiration dates on our bottles of December 25, 2016, it lasts quite some time. We bought it fresh, but it did not have very much in the way of carbonation to it. No matter how many bottles I've tried, it never had the carbonation of (for example) Schwepp's Tonic Water. The Faygo Tonic! is a clear beverage, so it will not stain. As well, the drink wipes off surfaces easily with a cloth, assuming they are impermeable.


Faygo Tonic! is inexpensive, but good. It might not be extraordinary in any definable way, but it is not bad and for the price, it is a hard to beat tonic water.

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