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Incredibly Simple, The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale Is Too Small To Be Useful To Most!

The Good: Easy to use, Very inexpensive, Small footprint
The Bad: Very small, Battery operated (with no corded option), Small screen
The Basics: The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is a bit disappointing compared to other digital kitchen scales I have used.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there is a fine balance between having a small footprint that makes an appliance useful while taking up a minimum of counter space and being functional. Sometimes, there is something that places the premium on saving space and lowering initial cost that it fails to be as useful as it ought to be. The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is one such item.

The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is a small, battery-powered electronic digital scale that is far less useful in the kitchen than most other scales I have used, though it is accurate. The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale are a very simple white plastic scale, without any sort of receptacle for placing foods on in an easy-to-separate way. The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is powered by two AAA batteries, which last several months with daily use.

The batteries are housed in the bottom of the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale. The scale is an 6 1/2” long by 5” wide by 1 5/16” white plastic scale. On the front of the top of the scale is an LCD screen – 1 1/2” wide by 5/8" tall – and there are two buttons below the screen. The button on the right turns the power off and calibrates the scale, the button on the left changes the units displayed on the screen. The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale allows one to measure items in ounces, grams and pounds (to the thousandth!). The weighing surface of the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is a 4 5/16" in diameter disc. That surface is comparatively small for a kitchen scale and it is very hard to see the screen with anything one is trying to weigh that is larger than a hamburger bun.

Using the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is fairly simple. Simply press the right button and the screen will come to life. The large block number/letters activate and flash as the unit calibrates. It will then change on its own to the current weight. When it is first turned on, it calibrates to zero. To calibrate it so it does not count the weight of any sort of vessel one wants to exclude, place it on the disc and hit the “Power” button again. The unit will then calibrate to zero and from the new zero point, you will be able to weigh whatever you want atop a larger surface (or in a mug/measuring cup if one needs to weigh a liquid).

I was not impressed by the small weighing surface and the fact that there is no A/C corded option to power the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale. As well, in the heat of moving around an active kitchen trying to cook, the screen on the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is very small.

Cleaning the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is easy, so long as no fluids get into the space between the weighing disc and the bottom unit. The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale may easily be cleaned with a washcloth or dish sponge; it is non-porous and wipes clean easily.

We found that the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale remained accurate, but it required fairly frequent recalibration and the moment it was off-balance, it required recalibrating. The problem with the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale was that to weigh something big on the scale required something like a plate, which blocked the screen and often unbalanced the unit.

The Meco Digital Kitchen Scale is a very basic scale and people who have small servings or spices they need to measure might find it worthwhile. But for those who are dieting and need a serious scale for portion control, the Meco Digital Kitchen Scale falls woefully shy of being worthwhile.

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