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With The Salmon Dinner Friskies Classic Pate, The Key Is Not Getting Gollum And Timber To Eat It; It’s Keeping It Away From Myah!

The Good: Nothing bad in it, Gollum loves it
The Bad: Comparatively expensive.
The Basics: Clearly made of real fish, Friskies Salmon Dinner catfood is one Gollum clearly recommends!

A few weeks ago, both my wife and I discovered that our older cat, who is almost ten years old now, had abruptly lost quite a bit of weight. When Gollum went to the vet, on an unrelated matter, we were told he weighed a little over eight pounds, which was down from twelve pounds a year ago! Ever since, we’ve been working to fatten Gollum up a little, mostly so he does not get sick this winter. To that end, we have been enticing him to eat more through the use of wet cat foods, like the Friskies Classic Pate line. After a month of feeding him wet cat food, Gollum has put on a pound. We bought a few multipacks, but he has exhibited a clear preference for the Friskies Classic Pate Salmon Dinner Cat Food.

It is an understatement to say that Gollum loves this food and Timber does as well.


Friskies Classic Pate comes in a metal 5.5 oz. single serve container. Supposedly, Gollum for his weight and age should eat two of these containers per day! Even on sale, that would be a pricy endeavor, though $2/day might not seem pricy, it adds up compared to dry cat food that Gollum and Timber are used to. And with Timber eating the same food, that could get expensive! Each container I opened, Gollum came running to eat it and as soon as Timber smelled it (given that we are not trying to fatten him up, I’ve always started with Gollum eating first), he too came running. Often he would bully Gollum for access to the food!

Ease Of Preparation

The Salmon Dinner Classic Pate opens up easily enough in the 5.5 oz. plastic container. The small metal container has a thin aluminum lid that easily pulls off. Opening the container reveals the food inside. Classic Pate Salmon Dinner looks like corn beef hash . . . without the potato chunks. This cat food may be dispensed into a cat's food dish by either smacking it against the bottom of the dish or spooning the contents out into the dish. Alternatively, this wet cat food may be eaten right out of the can, though the metal edges are sharp and that method is not recommended for cats.

Gollum And Timber’s Reactions

The Friskies Salmon Dinner Classic Pate smells richly of fish. This has a powerful fish smell that is so much stronger than any salmon I have ever cooked or eaten! I can smell this food at least a room away and the fishy/meaty smell disperses fast to bring both Gollum and Timber running for it. As soon as either of them smells it, they charge right for it and they clean their bowls entirely of the soft food. In fact, Timber has been helping Gollum gain weight; the one time Gollum did not finish his serving, Timber ran right over and finished it himself. Ever since then, Gollum has eaten the whole of whatever I have put in front of him when I have opened a can of the Salmon Dinner Classic Pate.

The Salmon Dinner leaves both Timber and Gollum’s breath smelling fishy for about three hours!


The Classic Pate Salmon Dinner is very nutritious for cats and it has nothing noticeable bad in it (I'm not a Chem student, so I can't speak for all of the preservatives). But considering that the primary ingredients are meat by-products, salmon, and poultry by-products. Friskies seems to have its act together on making an essentially good product. According to the guaranteed analysis on the container, there is a minimum of 10% crude protein and 5% crude fat and no more than 1% crude fiber, 3% ash, and 78% moisture. This is food appears to be wheat-free and it most definitely requires refrigeration after it is open!

I cannot afford to give Gollum and Timber this regularly and once Gollum is back to a healthy weight, which is likely to happen fast given the fat content of the Classic Pate, I will probably return to hard cat food exclusively for him. Hard cat food has clear dental benefits that the Classic Pate Salmon Dinner does not have. When the cats chew (to split into bite-sized pieces) their hard cat food, it scrapes plaque and tartar off their teeth. There is no such physical operation going on with this cat food.


Less expensive than actual tuna these days, Friskies has a real winner with the Classic Pate Salmon Dinner is an ideal way to healthily, steadily, get older cats (who are a bit more sedentary) back to a healthy weight!

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