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Perfectly Recreating The Flavor, But Seeming Expensive For The Quantity: Crunch Thin Mints Cookie Bars!

The Good: Perfect recreation of the Thin Mint flavor.
The Bad: No real nutritional benefit (and some detractions), Melts very easily, Somewhat unremarkable for the size/price, Proportionately more expensive than the Girl Scout cookies
The Basics: The Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors candy bars are good, but not worth the price considering the Girl Scout cookies are not much more expensive for so much more!

Not very long ago, a pastor or radio show host was engaged in a tirade on a program where they were standing up against the Girl Scouts. The ridiculous tirade culminated in the declaration that Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortions, which led to probably the only time Chelsea Handler has made me laugh (by pointing out that lesbians seldom have abortions!). Lacking the ability to go buy lesbian Girl Scout cookies, I thought it could be nice to review the final Crunch limited edition bar. Having already reviewed the Peanut Butter Crème (here!) and the Caramel & Coconut (here!), today I am trying the Thin Mints limited edition cookie bars.

The Thin Mints bars are good in that they taste exactly like the cookies upon which they are based, but given that the taste is so close to the cookies, they seem ridiculously expensive for the small bars, versus the full box of cookies!


Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors are dark chocolate wafer cookie candies that come wrapped in a 1.3 oz. size, which have two bars, each one is roughly one and three-sixteenth inches wide by two inches long and a 5/8" height. Interestingly, this is considered only one serving, so sharing the package with someone else cuts the calories in half! This is a fair candy that comes individually wrapped like virtually every other candy bar on the planet. This is a chocolate coated wafer cookie with Thin Mintsfilling used between the wafer cookies. It is most analogous to a KitKat bar and it is a perfect representation of the flavor it is supposed to have.

For those who have never had a wafer cookie candy bar before, wafer cookies are a light, almost styrofoam-type layered sugary cookie that are layered to make a thicker cookie. Usually, between layers of the cookies is a substance like chocolate or vanilla cream; a paste that is flavored. Moisture - or saliva - dissolves the wafer and the cream within the coating, so many people who savor candy like this either let the coating melt away in their mouth and let the wafer cookie's cream center dissolve without chewing. That works perfectly well for the Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors.

The coating of the Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors is a dark chocolate coating with a rough top. It is a fairly sweet dark chocolate coating and it's not going to win any awards for that, though it is not at all as waxy as many other mass produced chocolates. The coating is not strong enough to prevent the candy from getting crushed if one crushes the bar.

Ease Of Preparation

The Limited Edition Crunch bars are candy so preparation is pretty much limited to opening the wrapper and popping candy into one's mouth. Do not try to swallow Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors wafer candies whole and you'll be fine!


The Crunch Thin Mints Edition Cookie Flavors smells strongly of mint and this is the precise scent of Thin Mint cookies. The smell is lightly of chocolate, but nothing strong for that aroma.

On the tongue, the Thin Mints Crunch bars have a sweet chocolate coating. The sweetness of the cookie bar’s chocolate coating is muted by the cooler chocolate mint cookie filling. This limited edition Crunch bar is the most perfect recreation of the cookie upon which it is based; this tastes exactly like the chocolate-covered Thin Mint cookies that Girl Scouts sell. The chocolate and mint cookie-flavored wafers blend to perfectly recreate the taste of Thin Mints. There is a slightly dry aftertaste to these candy bars, just like the cookies.

These candy bars do not have an enduring aftertaste, so they finish surprisingly lightly.


This is candy, so it's not exactly designed to be the healthiest thing on the planet. The Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors candy bars are made primarily of sugar, wafer, and hydrogenated coconut oil. Surprisingly there are very few preservatives that were not recognizable.

Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors wafer candy bars have 200 calories per serving and the 11 grams of fat are somewhat intimidating! The 11 grams of fat represent 17% of the recommended daily value of fat and that's 51% of the daily recommended saturated fat. The nutrients pretty much diminish the simple pleasure of the candy! At least these candy bars don't taste like fat!

There are 90 milligrams of sodium and 16 grams of sugars. There is a single gram of protein in a serving of Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors wafer candies. The only other real nutrient is the 4% RDA of Iron.

These are not nutritious, so if you were thinking of living off them, you might want to reconsider.


The Crunch Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors bars store just fine in its wrapper and as long as it is kept in a cool, dry (preferably dark) place they ought to last for quite some time, though I could not find an expiration date on mine (though there was a batch code, unless these bars do not expire until 2057!).

Like all chocolate products, it is not recommended to let the chocolate melt into any fabric as it will leave a stain. If it does so, be sure to consult a fabric guide to protect your clothes while getting them clean.


Crunch Thin Mints Edition Cookie Flavors bars made me pine for Thin Mint cookies because the moment I finished the second bar in the package, I wanted more! Nestle deserves some credit for trying this flavor, which is exceptionally popular, but it does nothing the actual cookies do not already do. Ultimately, they are good, but pointless.

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