Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Small To Be Useful, The GE 34205 HDMI Cable Is Only Minimally Useful!

The Good: Does exactly what it is designed to do.
The Bad: Relatively expensive for what it does, Exceptionally short!
The Basics: The GE 34205 HDMI Cable is too short and too expensive to be truly worth picking up!

One of the very coolest things about having friends as new neighbors is sometimes they are eager to get rid of some of their cool stuff. In the case of my new neighbor, an old high school friend of my wife’s, he was eager to get rid of a high definition sound system. He was so eager to get rid of it that he was willing to give it away after I helped him and his family move into their new apartment! That necessitated my purchase of a new HDMI cord. I needed a new cord to go between either the HDTV (reviewed here!) and the Playstation 3 (reviewed here!) or between the new sound system and the Playstation 3. To that end, I picked up a GE 34205 HDMI Cable.

The GE 34205 HDMI Cable is a very simple connector and my hope had been to use it to connect the Playstation 3 to the SONY Bravia HDTV we have. Unfortunately, even going around a simple cabinet is too much for a 3 foot cord. One seldom thinks about the distance around things until they are confronted with a cord far too short to make it reach.

For those looking to hook up their high definition devices with brand name equipment, the GE 34205 HDMI Cable is the lowest priced option on the market today. The cable runs in the $14.88 locally and that was the least expensive brand name HDMI cord we could find. As an official GE product, GE is able to charge whatever they want for it. Consumers are likely to pay because they need the 34205 Connector to put together any two high definition electronic devices.

The GE 34205 HDMI Cable is a universal HDMI connector, male, on both ends. The male ends are connected by a three foot black cord. The cord is very durable, as are the male ends.

The 34205 Connector is a simple piece of equipment. The HDMI ends fit into every female HDMI port in the planet, from televisions to stereo systems. As such, the GE 34205 Connector is a vital piece of equipment, but it is overpriced and overshort for most consumer’s needs. There is a six foot cord that is not as expensive (proportionately), but the length is far more useful than the three foot option. That is the one I would recommend for the average consumer, not this one.

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