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More Political, More Outrageous, And So Much More Of The Same With Drawn Together - Season Two!

The Good: Very funny, Decent animation
The Bad: Low replayability, A great number of similar jokes as the first season, Not really more significant than its entertainment value
The Basics: The second season of Drawn Together is, outside pushing the envelope toward more audacious jokes is pretty much more of the same from the first season.

Whatwith having better access to all sorts of shows that I only had a casual interest in or a real interest, but no real ability to keep up on them, I am catching up on all sorts of shows now. One of them is Drawn Together. Having enjoyed the first season of Drawn Together (reviewed here!), I was very eager to pick up Drawn Together Season Two. Unfortunately, the concept of Drawn Together is a pretty limited one and the cracks are showing in full in Season Two. So, like many limited concept comedies, Drawn Together goes toward being more vulgar (which I’m fine with), edgier, and a bit more political (which I like as well). Drawn Together is very much like season one, save that it pushes the boundaries of good taste faster and farther than the first season.

Surviving the climactic walk-out from the first season, the animated characters of the Drawn Together house find that they are unable to live in the real world. They are not getting jobs or promotions based on appearing on reality television and they return to the Drawn Together House. There, they are tasked with picking new housemates for the ones that died in the crash. After getting rid of the replacement (who is essentially a Nazi against Wooldoor’s people), the house returns to normal with episodic adventures that play off the character type each of the house’s residents represents.

Princess Clara continues to be a racist, na├»ve recreation of a Disney Princess. In Season Two, there is a bit of incest with her father thrown in for good measure and given that she takes up stripping to impress him, the show takes a turn for the disturbing with her character. Captain Hero takes on Wooldoor as a sidekick, discovers his parents are still alive, and has a gay fling with Xandir by creating an alternate identity for himself. Foxxy uncovers a quest to keep blacks from passing the SAT’s and goes for her detective license before reuniting with the band she used to be a part of. When her bandmates are almost killed, she exploits their situation by going solo and having a one hit. Spanky the pig marries Xandir for the health care benefits, but otherwise just sits around making sarcastic quips.

Wooldoor gets more airtime when he creates lifesaving entities with his masturbatory spawn. He also shoplifts and becomes Captain Hero’s sidekick briefly. Xandir has a gay fling with Captain Hero and comes out of the closet to his parents. Toots does very little outside cutting herself and her housemates become convinced that she has Alzheimer’s. Ling-Ling evolves and has an arranged series of fights. There is a self-referential bit where Entertainment Weekly decides they loathe the Drawn Together show.

In its second season, Drawn Together is more of the familiar formula that has animated characters swearing, screwing and struggling to maintain their place as reality television stars. The second season tries to flesh out the lesser-used characters in the series while still giving the very popular Princess Clara sufficient airtime. In that way, the show succeeds.

But, for the most part, Season Two of Drawn Together feels like a show aware that it is a very limited concept and the writers shot most of their wad on the first season. The humor, despite using a more extensive vocabulary, is essentially what one might expect from the first season and is astonishingly predictable within the established formula.

Drawn Together Season Two is not bad, but it is more obvious than it is impressive and that is a severe detraction to the fifteen episode set on its own.

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