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Eliminating My Neighbor’s Stank In My Apartment, Citrus Magic Fresh Citrus Solid Air Freshener Works!

The Good: Good smell, Comparatively inexpensive, Easy to use
The Bad: Does not look all that great, Does not actually clean or eliminate the sources of odors.
The Basics: The Fresh Citrus Citrus Magic is strong enough to eliminate odors, especially when one cannot get to the source of the odor!

With things heating up, my wife and I have discovered all new problems with our annoying neighbors. Since they moved in next door, we’ll occasionally smell cigarette smoke in our downstairs stairwell. But as it has warmed up, we’ve smelled more and more cigarette smoke and it has even been coming up into our apartment. As it turns out, our thoughtful neighbor has taken to standing outside our door to smoke her cigarettes. She doesn’t stand in front of our door, she stands right in front of ours smoking and that has been the source of our stinky downstairs. So, I had to get a new air freshener for our downstairs and fortunately, my new job got in the Citrus Magic Fresh Citrus Solid Air Freshener.

Solid Air Fresheners are best analogized as scented candles without the wick. These are waxy discs that come in a plastic disc package that are actually solidified essential oils that emit a scent. The principle behind them is simple; air passes through the plastic container – with vents - they slowly effervesce throughout a room and for several weeks at least, the living environment smells like the scent the Citrus Magic claims to have, in this case, Fresh Citrus. The principle is a generally good one; Citrus Magic Solid Air Fresheners eliminate the potential danger of burning down one's house by having an inflammable odor-releaser and offer long-lasting odor coverage.

The Fresh Citrus Citrus Magic solid air freshener has lasted more than a month (and it is still going strong!). Citrus Magic have an instant, generic, citrus scent and it dissipates well for at least thirty days. Given that the point of this little device is supposed to be making odor control effortless - as opposed to having to light a candle every day or two and remember to blow it out - the Fresh Citrus Citrus Magic succeeds exceptionally well. Since deploying the solid air freshener we have not smelled the cigarette smoke from our neighbor.

The Citrus Magic are five-inch in diameter and an inch thick plastic discs that have vents on the top. The base is a white plastic disc that has a yellow wax of the Fresh Citrus solid air freshener inside. Use is ridiculously simple; remove the sticker from the front vents and set in a place where one wants fresher air. The disc has two little flat feet which allow one to stand up the solid air freshener.

The Fresh Citrus Citrus Magic smells exactly like oranges and lemons, making it smell like what it is supposed to. It is an aromatic, if heavy, scent that is reminiscent of lemon cleaners. The scent is very strong, and it covers the smell of cigarettes, cats and dogs quite well for weeks.

The Citrus Magic is a good theory with a great execution, at least with the Fresh Citrus scent. Opening the air freshener gave us a reprieve for three and a half weeks from any cigarette-related scents.

The Citrus Magic are easy enough to use; at this point, it looks like there will be two months worth of good use out of this solid air freshener before the waxy portion dries out completely. At that time, the plastic disc may simply be thrown away. This is very easy to use and when placed in high places, it is very safe for use around children and animals.

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