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An Average Dog Food Myah Treats As Exceptional: Purina Beneful Playful Life!

The Good: Very nutritious, Myah enjoys it, Not as expensive as premium dog foods
The Bad: Not the most impressive ingredients or nutritional benefits
The Basics: Purina Beneful Playful Life adult dog food made is one of the standard dog foods that Myah really seems to go for!

In reviewing many, many dog foods, I am rapidly discovering that what separates the premium brands and the major storebought brands of dog food are the ingredients. Dog foods that charge an arm and a leg tens to have ingredients that are much closer to human food than the mass produced dog foods. The mass produced dog foods are very similar and many of them have somewhat unimpressive ingredients, even if Myah loves them. So, for example, the Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food is one Myah loves and I can afford, but objectively, it is pretty unexceptional. In fact, there is nothing superlative about it, except that Myah keeps returning to it happily.


A single serving of Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food is two and a half cups to three and a quarter cups for a big dog like Myah and she is supposed to get one such serving per day, so a full bag does not last terribly long with a big dog. The Playful Life has six different shapes mixed together about evenly. One shape is very dark brown, about ½” wide and tall, and looks like a little hearts. There is another brown piece, double the size, which is just a large cylinder. The Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food also has a light brown spheroid, like a Cocoa Puff that is approximately 3/4" in diameter. There is also a light red triangle-shaped piece that is 1/2" on each side and 1/8” – 3/16” thick. There is a 3/4” long light brown bone-shaped piece and a similar sized green clover-shaped piece. All of the pieces have a mealy, textured appearance and are very hard. Myah often eats these several pellets at a time.

Ease Of Preparation

As a dry dog food, preparation of Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food is as easy as opening a bag and measuring out the pellets inside. There is no further prep needed.

Myah’s Reaction

The Playful Life smells exceptionally mealy. There is nothing meaty or chemical to the aroma of this dog food; it smells like grainy grains and chicken fat . . . like the archetypal dog food. It is not a terribly appealing scent to humans, but Myah goes right for this food whenever I open the bag! Myah enthusiastically eats this food until she is full. More than most dog foods, she seems willing to leave this food in her bowl, though she is in no way disappointed by it. She seems very capable of self-regulating her intake based on her hunger – unlike the foods she loves (which she gorges herself on) or the foods she loathes (which she completely avoids.


Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food smells grainy, so it is unsurprising what the ingredients in it are. Made primarily of Ground Yellow Corn, chicken by-product meal, and corn gluten meal, the ingredient list degenerates into chemicals and vitamins after dried spinach. According to the guaranteed analysis, Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food has at least 27.5% crude protein and 11% crude fat, but no more than 4% crude fiber and 14% moisture. As a dry dog food, it is highly recommended that you have adequate water available for your dog when serving your pet Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food.


Purina Beneful Playful Life dog food is a simple, good, dog food that Myah enjoys and lightly recommends, though it is an affordable, easy-to-find dog food that is a decent staple food.

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