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Easy To Use, The Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set Is A Wonderful Way To Make Portion Control Easy!

The Good: Easy to use, Easy to clean, Comparatively inexpensive
The Bad: I’m not wild about it being battery powered . . .
The Basics: For those who need a precise, easy-to-use kitchen scale, the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set comes through!

As my wife and I work to meet our new health goals – I’ve become pretty self-conscious about the little tummy I put on over the winter and she is looking to improve her heart health – we have quickly realized that one of the biggest challenges to eating better and meeting our goals is portion control. For the bulk of our lives before now, we have simply made up meals and eaten portions based upon our level of hunger. With things like breakfast cereals, especially, this has meant that we have been dramatically overeating for the intended serving size. A bowlful is seldom the 2/3 – 1 cup (depending on the type of cereal) serving that the creators of the cereal intended. Because many foods have much more complicated serving sizes and go by weight instead of volume, we decided we needed a kitchen scale.

So, as a surprise to my wife, I picked up the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set. The two pieces of the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set are a very stylish stainless steel scale and the clear plastic “bowl.” What irked me off the bat for the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set was that it said nothing on the outside of the box about what its power source is. As it turns out, it is powered by batteries – two flat watch style batteries – that seem to have a decent lifespan, especially if one turns the scale off after each use like one is supposed to.

The batteries are housed in the bottom of the scale section of the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set. The scale itself is an 8” long by 7” wide by 1 3/8” tall stainless steel and black plastic box. On the front of the top of the scale is an LCD screen – 2” wide by 3/4" tall – and there are two buttons. The button on the left turns the power off, the button on the right turns the scale on and zeroes out the tare. The clear plastic bowl is a flat-bottomed container whose bottom measures almost the exact dimensions of the scale, less the screen, so it may be placed on the scale and not obscure the screen where one gets the readings. The clear plastic bowl – which is rectilinear, which might be why I take issue with calling it a bowl – holds up to seven and a half cups of anything.

Using the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set is ridiculously simple. Simply press the right button, clearly labeled “On” and “Zero” and the screen will come to life. The large block number/letters activate with the message of “HI” when the screen is on. It will then change on its own to the current weight. When it is first turned on, it calibrates to zero. To calibrate it so it does not count the weight of the bowl, simply place the bowl on the scale and hit the “Zero” button again. The few ounces that the bowl weighs will disappear and from the new zero point, you will be able to weigh whatever you want in the bowl.

It is that easy. The bowl makes it easy to measure liquid or solid ingredients by ounces, pounds or grams. Changing between scales for the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set to measure with his easy. In fact, all of the controls operate using the “On/Zero” button and pressing it repeatedly changes between the unit of measure. This scale can accommodate 7 1/2 cups or up to 11 pounds of food. When you’re done, simply touch the “Off” button and the unit turns off.

Cleaning the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set is simple as well. The bowl is perfectly dishwasher safe and the scale itself may easily be cleaned with any stainless steel cleanser. For easy storing, the bowl may be placed upside down over the scale to protect the unit and use less space.

We found that the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set remained accurate and it made measuring out ingredients and finished portions of meals exceptionally easy. That, truly, is all one can really ask for from a digital scale and, so long as that level of quality endures for years of use, I will be thrilled with the minor expense of the Oneida 2 Piece Digital Scale Set in exchange for the payoff it brings to my body!

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