Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Far Weaker Scent Is All That Holds Back The Tropical Passion Xtra Detergent!

The Good: Cleans clothes well, Inoffensive scent, Inexpensive
The Bad: Almost no real scent during and after use, Does not have the fabric softener in the fluid.
The Basics: Xtra Tropical Passion cleans well, biut is not at all distinctive on the scent front, making it harder to recommend.

It has finally happened: we’ve finished off our first 175 fl. oz. jug of Xtra laundry detergent! Given that it is only my wife and I in our new apartment (and our assorted animals), we do not have to do laundry constantly by any stretch of the imagination. So, that the Lavender and Vanilla Xtra (reviewed here!) lasted so long might not be much of a surprise. But, when it happened a month ago, we immediately started on the new jug, a 175 fluid ounce jug of Xtra Tropical Passion laundry detergent!

Xtra Tropical Passion cleans clothes without fading them. Unlike the other Xtra detergent we used, this does not have the fabric softener in it, but clothes still came out fairly soft. We have used Xtra Tropical Passion for a month and my only real complaint with it is that it does not have a very strong or distinctive scent. In the jug, the detergent smells more like a detergent than it does a floral or “tropical” scent. For sure, clothes come out smelling clean, but they do not carry even a vaguely floral scent upon them after using this detergent. In fact, even while the washer is going, there is no discernible aroma coming from the washer.

Xtra Tropical Passion is an opaque purple colored detergent. It smells clean, but not like anything particularly “tropical.”

I liked Xtra Tropical Passion, despite the lack of a strong scent, as it did what it promised. No matter how soiled or stinky our clothes were going into the wash, they always came out clean and smelling neutral with the Xtra Tropical Passion. Given that 175 fl. oz. is bound to last us six months, like the other Xtra detergent we used, Xtra Tropical Passion laundry detergent is a good value, even if it is not superlative.

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