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Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars Are Really Good, But Pricey!

The Good: Tastes amazing, Nothing really bad in them
The Bad: No real nutritional value, Exceptionally expensive
The Basics: Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars are wonderful, but far too expensive to justify their expensive price tag.

Every now and then, I find something on clearance that I can understand exactly why it is there. When I discovered the Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars at a local grocery store, I knew the reason was clearly that they were too expensive for people in our area. With only three bars for more than $5 originally, it was unsurprising to me that the grocery store sold more when they reduced the price to $1.99. These ice cream bars are good, but not worth $2.00/bar!


Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars come in a package of three 3.38 ounce ice cream bars that are individually wrapped and come with the chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick. These are a frozen treat with gold-foil wrapped ice cream bars in a brown box. These are exceptionally easy to enjoy, but they have to be kept completely frozen or else they melt in an unpleasant and ultimately inedible way.

Each Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bar is 6“ long (with the stick)/4” long for the treat itself, 2“ wide and 1 1/8“ thick.

Ease Of Preparation

Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars are a gourmet frozen dessert. They come frozen and must be kept that way. The only way these lasted for us was using our deep freeze freezer (reviewed here!) to keep the Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars entirely solid!

Because they come in the individual wrappers, one must simply unwrap each Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bar and then eat them. That is it.


The Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars smell delightfully like mint. They are spearmint scented and the aroma actually opens the nostrils up right away! The chocolate does not smell enough to prepare the consumer for the taste.

The Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars have a strong milk chocolate flavor to the thin, crispy coating. As soon as the coating is cracked, the light, minty flavor explodes in the mouth. There is a light peppermint flavor to the ice cream bars that blends nicely with the chocolate coating and makes the treat taste even colder. These bars leave a clean, minty flavor in the mouth for about five minutes after one is done eating them. They are a wonderful blend of chocolate and mint flavors, making for a special treat that is quite good.


The Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars are a very delightful frozen dessert. Each 77 gram bar is a single serving. In the 1 bar serving, there are a whopping 250 calories, and they have 16 grams of fat. Each bar accounts for 50% of the RDA of saturated fat from the 10 grams of saturated fat. One serving also has 24 grams of carbohydrates (that’s 8% of the RDA!) and 45 mg of Sodium (2% RDA). There are no other significant nutrients in the Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars, save 8% of the RDA of Calcium and Iron.

Magnum has quality ingredients, which is probably why they are so expensive initially. Made primarily of milk, cream, and sugar, Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars are not a bad frozen dessert! There is nothing unpronounceable in the ingredients list and there are no allergy notes on the box.


Magnum is milk-based, so when it is not frozen, it spoils exceptionally quickly. The Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars we found on clearance two weeks ago had a July 4, 2013 expiration date on the box, so these are not a treat to try to stock up on!

The Mint Ice Cream Bars are chocolate-coated and will certainly stain light clothing, at the very least. When the frozen dessert melts and gets onto fabrics, it will require one to wash it right out. On nonporous surfaces, the fluid wipes off exceptionally easily.


Magnum Mint Ice Cream Bars are delicious, but far too expensive to justify the initial price, making them a good, once-in-a-long while treat.

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