Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps Do What They Are Supposed To!

The Good: Inexpensive, Durable
The Bad: Do not actually prevent leakage
The Basics: Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps for car tires adequately and stylishly seal the tire stems on automobiles.

A few months ago, my wife and I were noticing some leakage from our car’s tires. She noticed the car pulling to the right and while we could not find anything wrong with the tires, we did notice that the right side tires were missing the caps on the tire valve stems. That was when we picked up a four pack of Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps.

It ought to be noted right up front that there are two schools of thought on the effectiveness of valve stem caps for maintaining tire pressure. Rationally, it only makes sense that valve caps would prevent leakage that otherwise comes from anything pressing down on the release in the valve to deflate the tires over time. The other side says that valve caps hold in air and that seems unlikely given my experiences. The tires continued to deflate at about the same rate even after we replaced the valve caps with the Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps.

That said, the four pack of Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps was a decent value and has allowed us to seal up the tire valves. And they are pretty stylish. Each of the four aluminum Slime Black Anodized Valve Caps is 1/2” in diameter and 3/4” tall. These caps look like little glossy black bullets. On the side of the more cylindrical part (they have a domed top, though it is a little more oblong – like a bullet – than the standard valve caps) there is texturing which makes them exceptionally easy to twist on and off the valve stems – even in winter!

These valve stems twist on and twist off exceptionally easily. There is no trick to using them and they look good that way. Having since gone through a snowy Michigan winter and a lot of rough roads around here, any leakage that would normally come from those conditions does seem to be stopped by using these valve stems. But mostly, they just prevent people from walking up and easily deflating my car’s tires!

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