Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ahhh . . . So Many Gimmicks Conspire To Create A Failure With The Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush!

The Good: Does not damage hair, Good for short hair
The Bad: Utterly ineffective on long, thick hair, Not very strong, Entirely breakable.
The Basics: The Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush fails to be truly antistatic and is barely adequate for those who have long hair.

I am always miffed when my wife breaks into one of my boxes of supplies for the future and appropriates something from it for herself now. At some point in my past, I acquired a Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush and, having a brush I liked at the time, I stuck it in my box for the future. When my wife unearthed it and started using it on a daily basis, I found myself using it, but far more occasionally, mostly because it was pretty ineffective. At least I didn’t have to wait a decade to find out this was something of a lemon!

The Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush is a hairbrush, 9 ¼” from handle to tip of the head, 2 3/4” wide on the head and containing dozens of pinlike metal bristles 3/4" long. Each bristle is capped with a plastic sphere ostensibly designed to keep the bristles from ripping one’s hair. They do not work all that well because, more often than not, they simply pop off the metal spikes, making it very uncomfortable to use this brush. The grip on the Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush is ribbed, which makes it very easy to grab onto and hold solidly as one brushes even the thickest hair.

Unfortunately, the fact that the brush is not one solid piece – the handle and head are two pieces molded or adhered together – makes it significantly weaker than solid-handle/head brushes. More importantly, the “cushion” aspect of the Conair Anti Static Cushion Brush makes it far less usable. Instead of attaching the bristles on the brush to the solid head of the brush, they are attached to a curved pillow that is attached to the head. That pillowy portion is designed to prevent the bristles from causing static electricity when the brush passes through the hair. It fails at that. Instead, what it does is provide a "give" so that when the bristles encounter resistant, the bristles bend at the base to "avoid" the snarl. The net result is that the hair brush does not actually untangle even mildly unkempt hair.

To its credit, after a year and a half of daily use from my wife and experimental use by myself occasionally, only three of the metal bristles have come out, so it is durable. It is, however, not a reasonable solution for untangling and brushing long hair, as it is the hairbrush of utter surrender when it encounters resistance, making it impossible to recommend.

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