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It’s Like Total For Chocolate Milk, But Ovaltine Is Good!

The Good: Tastes good, Very nutritious, Reasonably inexpensive.
The Bad: Could be more chocolatey, Could always be a little more nutritious.
The Basics: Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk is a decent way to enjoy a more nutritious alternative to regular Chocolate Milk.

I like Total cereal. It’s a good cereal, but the whole purpose of it is to provide all of the recommended daily vitamins and minerals one needs to many different vitamins and minerals. There are a number of health drinks, but the only chocolate milk that I have tried that has been similar to that as far as nutrition before now was the Bolthouse Farms Protein Plus Mocha Cappuccino protein shakes (reviewed here!). That was before I tried Rich Chocolate Ovaltine Chocolate Milk!


Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk mix is a chocolate milk mix put out by Ovaltine. The container of Chocolate Milk is a twelve oz. plastic container filled with Ovaline powder. That container represents approximately thirty-six servings of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine, though it obviously requires milk to be reconstituted to a beverage!

Ease Of Preparation

Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk mix is very easy to prepare, as most chocolate milk products are. Adding two Tablespoons of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine to eight ounces of milk and stirring vigorously is all one needs to do to make the powder into a drinkable, delightful, beverage!


Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk is has a very pleasant aroma to it. Opening the mix, it has a sweet and milk chocolate scent that implies a pleasant chocolate flavor.

This Rich Chocolate flavored Chocolate Milk is creamy, but flavored strongly like chocolate. The sweet flavor has a slightly dry, true chocolate taste, that nicely chases the initial sweet taste. Rich Chocolate Ovaltine has an undeniably sweet initial flavor that is distinctly that of chocolate and it pretty much eliminates any hint of the flavor of milk in the milk it is added to!

There is a very slightly sour and dry aftertaste from the Rich Chocolate Ovaltine, but it is now very strong at all.


Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk is a chocolately drink, so how much nutrition this beverage is packing is actually impressive! One serving has 40 calories, none of which are from fat. This Rich Chocolate flavored Chocolate Milk has no cholesterol, but it does have 70 mg of sodium. There are 10% of the RDA of twelve different vitamins and minerals, like Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin D.

It is hardly a surprise that Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk is a nutritious food product considering that the primary ingredients are sugar, alkalized cocoa, and beet juice color, along with an entirely different lists of vitamins and minerals! For those with allergies, it is noted on the package that the powder contains milk, soy and may include wheat.


Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk mix is ridiculously easy to store and clean up. Because the canisters is resealable, it keeps the powder dry and preserved. My canister of Ovaltine mix, purchased in February 2012, has an expiration date in June 2013, but it is hard to imagine this would not last past the expiration date so long as the canister is kept cool and dry.

Cleaning up Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk mix is easy, as it is a powder which may be easily brushed up. If one spills it after it is mixed with milk, it is likely to stain lighter fabrics and one ought to consult one's fabric guide for cleaning if that happens. Mugs, though, clean right out with hot water as this fluid does not stain ceramics.


A very nutritious, but delicious, beverage, Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Chocolate Milk is actually delightful.

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