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Gollum Adores Whiskas Grilled Cuts With Turkey In Gravy Cat Food!

The Good: Nothing bad in it, Gollum loves it, Smells surprisingly good
The Bad: Comparatively expensive
The Basics: My cat Gollum went through the Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy catfood I picked up for him faster than any other wet catfood I have ever gotten for him!

Lately, my wonderful cat Gollum has been benefitting from my few extra dollars and my wife being away. Why? Because every time I pick up something for our dog, Myah, I pick something up for Gollum and that usually takes the form of a wet catfood. The latest one is actually the one that Gollum has responded to in the most positive fashion. Yes, Gollum seems to have a real strong affinity for Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy.

Whiskas Grilled Cuts comes in a plastic 3.5 oz. single serve container. Supposedly, Gollum for his weight and age should eat two of these cups per day! Even on sale, that would be a pricy endeavor, but when I did open the container, Gollum came running for it. Gollum completely gorged himself on this catfood, not saving any for later. This was one of the strongest reactions I have seen from Gollum in a long time. He did not save any for later; he was vigorous in his consumption of it.

The Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy opens up easily enough in the 3.5 oz. container. The small plastic container has a thin plastic lid that easily pulls off. Opening the container reveals the food inside. Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy looks like turkey chunk stew, loaded with meat! This meat stew catfood may be dispensed into a cat's food dish by either smacking it against the bottom of the dish or spooning the contents out into the dish. Alternatively, this wet cat food may be eaten right out of the container as there are no sharp edges on the plastic.

As for the Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy itself, the catfood smells delightfully like turkey, like human-grade turkey. Given how Gollum reacts whenever we cook an actual turkey here, it is absolutely unsurprising that Gollum would eagerly eat this turkey stew. Gollum ate it all up as if it was made of fresh-cooked turkey as well.

The Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy has nothing noticeable bad in it (I'm not a Chem student, so I can't speak for all of the preservatives). But considering that the primary ingredients are meat broth, chicken livers, and chicken, Whiskas seems to have its act together on making an essentially good product. According to the guaranteed analysis on the container, there is a minimum of 10% crude protein and 3.5% crude fat and no more than 1% crude fiber, 3% ash, and 82% moisture. This is makes no statement about whether or not it is wheat-free.

The recommended serving size is two (3.5 oz.) cans per day, but I cannot afford to give Gollum this regularly. Hard catfood also has clear dental benefits that the Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy does not have. When the cats chew (to split into bite-sized pieces) their hard catfood, it scrapes plaque and tartar off their teeth. There is no such physical operation going on with this catfood. Gollum's mouth smelled like turkey for an hour after he licked up the gravy and ate this food.

Finally, the 3.5 oz. container is the least efficient and environmentally sound way to purchase this catfood. In addition to being the most proportionately expensive way (buying by the single can always is), the sheer amount of waste this generates in plastic containers and the foil wrappers is stifling to anyone with an environmental conscience.

That said, Gollum absolutely loves Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Turkey in Gravy Cat Food and when I want to treat him for something just for him, this is THE food I will use from now on!

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