Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Daisy Denies That The Carnival Crops Veggie Wedges Are Delicious, Sinking Them Completely!

The Good: Inexpensive, Made with decent ingredients
The Bad: Daisy refused to eat them, which says quite a bit!
The Basics: Critter Ware's Veggie Wedge two-pack is given the cold shoulder by Daisy, completely sinking the product!

Daisy, as my review of the Combo Chews ( here!) illustrates, loves cecil and loofa-based treats. So, when I was recently buying treats for my animal children, I figured the Carnival Crops Veggie Wedge two-pack was a pretty safe bet. After all, Daisy loves loofa treats and the other part of the treat reminded me of the Critter Cubes (reviewed here!) she enjoys. This safe bet, however, has turned out not to be. Daisy has studiously avoided the Veggie Wedges for the past two months, making it quite clear that she is not a fan.

The Veggie Wedge pack consists of a pair of treats that are half loofa, half compressed alfalfa, seagrass and corn meal. The two wedges look roughly like orange slices with the loufa being the rind. The half-circle wedge is 2 1/2" long by 1 1/4" wide and ¾” thick. The loofa and grass treats are designed to be played with and chewed by small animals. After taking one small nibble on the compressed grass portion when it was first put in her cage, Daisy has not returned to have more of this “treat” again.

With a guaranteed analysis that declares this treat has at least 5/7% crude protein and .9% fat, but no more than 47.9% fiber and 2.5% moisture, there is nothing bad in these treats. Despite the nutritional benefits, the fact that Daisy will not snack on this even when her bowl is empty and she clearly wants food makes it a moot point.

The Veggie Wedge is entirely safe for rabbits and help foster healthy teeth and gums. Or, it would if Daisy actually used it. Given how she refuses to play with or eat this, the Veggie Wedge is a vastly better theory than it is an execution, making it impossible to recommend.

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