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Hit Or Miss Snacking: CK Snacks Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn Hits Only About Half The Time!

The Good: Some tastes good, Entirely inexpensive
The Bad: Most of my bag was utterly bland, Unfortunately fatty for popcorn!
The Basics: Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn from CK Snacks is good at best, but most of the bag I bought was sadly devoid of flavor.

Every now and then, I find myself very glad when I sample more of a product before writing my review of it. In the case of CK Snacks’ Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn - a snack I bought on clearance at Big Lots when my wife and I visited nearby Gaylord while she showed me the area and our cat, Gollum, insisted I try sooner as opposed to later (by opening the bag for me) – I find myself very glad I ate more before continuing my review. The reason is simple: the initial pieces of popcorn in the bag were vastly more flavorful than the ones even a handful down! The result is a much less satisfying snack than I would have originally thought.


Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn from CK Snacks, is pre-popped and flavored popcorn. CK Snacks has marketed their popcorn as an alternative to Smartfood and honestly this is my first time finding the product, as well as trying it. Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn from CK Snacks comes in a 4.5 oz. bag. Inside the bag, the popcorn is exactly what one might expect of popcorn. It is popped, light and fluffy and distinctly yellow in color.

Ease Of Preparation

CK Snacks Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn is simple to enjoy; all you need do it open the bag and remove the popcorn from it! There is no trick to eating Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn; this is a snack that is ready to go from the bag to the mouth.


CK Snacks’s Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn smells like exactly what one might hope; fresh made movie-theater style buttered popcorn. It smells buttery and salty and warm. The scent is inviting and makes opening the bag anything but a letdown.

Unfortunately, beyond that, this is a much tougher sell to a food lover. Most of the kernels taste like plain, unadulterated popcorn, with a slightly soggier than usual texture. About one in ten handfuls or individual kernels of popped popcorn I tried actually tasted slightly buttery and salty, but the bulk of the pieces taste just like regular, though somewhat soggy, popcorn.


Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn is a basic popcorn with some preservatives. Given that the ingredients are mostly popcorn, soybean oil, and salt, it might surprise salty snack eaters to learn how fatty this snack is.

Each two and a half cup (one ounce) serving of CK Snacks Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn has 150 calories, seventy of which come from fat. There are also 2 grams of dietary fiber. While there are 8 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein, there is an irksome 270 mg of sodium, which represents 11% of one's RDA of sodium, but that is not entirely surprising. There are a smattering of minerals, but nothing significant. There is a dietary note that the Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn includes milk ingredients, which prevents them from being Vegan compliant at the very least. This snack is, however, gluten free and seems like it might be kosher, though it is not marked as either.


Kept in the bag, CK Snacks Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn will remain fresh for an indeterminate amount of time; our bag had an expiration date of September 17, 2012, which is probably why it was being clearance. As long as the bag is resealed, one suspects the popcorn will last for a few days before getting stale.

Cleanup is simple as well. Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn from CK Snacks is a dry food and thus leaves little mess behind. Because this is slightly oily, though, it occasionally leaves a residue. Simply wash your hands, throw out the bag and cleanup is done!


CK Snacks Yummmmy Butter Flavor Popcorn is a poor snack, not because it is so inexpensive, but because it is so unhealthy and does not consistently deliver on the taste front.

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