Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Sure What I Expected, But Lipiderm Liquid Feline Is A Bust With My Cats!

The Good: It doesn't stain.
The Bad: It does not entertain or enthrall my cats, either! Messy.
The Basics: An utterly worthless product which does not act as an incentive for cats to play, Lipiderm Liquid Feline flops!

I am not sure why I bothered with Lipiderm Liquid Feline. I had an utterly unimpressive experience with the Synergy Xtreme Catnip Liquid that this product is similar to, so I probably had no right to be surprised when I felt like I wasted my money on the Lipiderm Liquid Feline. The concept is identical, but the results I had were not. Eventually, I got my cats to respond to the Xtreme Catnip Liquid. They have never responded to the Liquid Feline. The result is a very easy to not recommend product for cats that seems to serve no purpose at all.

Lipiderm Liquid Feline is contained in a white bottle with a flip top lid. The back has very simple directions for how to use it: shake well and apply to anything that you want your cat to play with. I was not able to find anything that the Liquid Feline would stain, so that was a plus. After shaking it up, the Liquid Feline is ridiculously easy to apply to anything: simply flip the top open and squeeze the bottle slightly. This causes small droplets of the slightly green fluid to fall out of the bottle. This is a little messier than the spray from Synergy because the liquid that comes out is a bit thicker and it might not absorb into all surfaces as quickly. In fact, when spraying it on one of Brillo and Gollum’s favorite toys (a crinkle mouse) I was disturbed by how this neither absorbed into it nor dried on.

Our cats – a nine and a half year-old Siamese (Brillo) and our energetic four year-old black cat (Gollum) like catnip and they have some toys that have catnip inside it that theu do respond favorably to. This was not one of them. Instead, both my boys avoided anything this liquid was applied to.

As the bottle notes, 15% of all cats do not have the necessary gene that makes them respond to catnip. The Liquid Feline is supposed to entice all cats who do respond to catnip, but it quite simply didn’t work. Ultimately, for an unnecessary product, this is vastly overpriced as it did not do what it promised. There are plenty of better ways to get cats to play than this.


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