Thursday, September 30, 2010

Milkshakes Thrice A Week With My Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster 727!

The Good: Easy to Clean, Fast to Mix, Inexpensive
The Bad: Not Terribly Durable, Takes Up Space
The Basics: Despite a serious design flaw relating to the durability of the mixing rod in its socket, this is well worth it for mixing milkshakes.

First off, I love milkshakes. When I was in high school, a friend of mine had a Hamilton Beach 727 DrinkMaster Blender and until I actually received one about ten years ago, I thought it was a milkshake maker. All we used it for was to mix milkshakes. Since I've received this, all I've used it for is to mix milkshakes. Moreover, it is worth noting that the 727W is just the white version of the blender, while the B, C, and 730 are identical products in black, chrome and stainless steel.

For a long time, this was my favorite gift. It probably still is. I used it an average of three times a week for the first ten months I owned one and I’ve still used it steadily since. I love milkshakes.

For making milkshakes, this is ideal. Basically, you fill the stainless steel mixing cup with ice cream, fill in with milk so the milk just covers the ice cream. Then, lift the cup under the mixing rod and hook in to the clip. The clip is there and basically this makes the cup suspended on the base of the mixer. I have to say, the Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer is remarkably sturdy. Back in the day, the clips on the back of the base that hold the mixing cup up and to the base broke easily or were inefficient in actually holding the cup. Not so any more. I have happilly discovered this newer model is a hands free device. Turn it on to mix and the cup stays right where it ought to. Kudos to whomever fixed that problem!

Mixing, then, is fairly easy. This Drink Mixer has two speeds. The first is a reasonable mixing speed ideal for making milkshakes. The second is a very fast speed which basically makes your chocolate milkshake into chocolate milk. Not recommended for milkshakes. In making a milkshake (or I suppose anything else) the Drink Mixer is perfectly equipped as the head swivels. So, if left alone, the drink mixer will break up the ice cream into bitty pieces ideal for a milkshake, but to speed up or finish off the process, one may simply swivel the mixing head of the device to get at all of the points unreachable before. It's a very handy feature and basically, two moves of the head and two turns of the mixing cup and you have reached every possible point in the mixing cup and everything in it is excellently mixed.

One of the nice things about this device is it's very easy to clean. I've gotten ice cream all over it (my own clumsiness, not a defect in the product) and a damp washcloth cleans it off remarkably easily. I mean, one swipe and it's clean. Very easy to clean!

The only point of contention I have with this device is in its durability. While most of it is holding up extraordinarily well, after only ten months, the wand is loose. The metal mixing rod connects to the motorized top. When the power is turned on, it's this metal rod that then turns and mixes. The metal rod simply pulls out for cleaning. It's convenient. The problem is, the popping in and out of the metal rod has weakened the device; lately when I've been mixing milkshakes and go to swivel the head of the mixer (where the metal rod is plugged into) the metal rod pops out. Not convenient at all. The reason I have no qualms evaluating this product for milkshakes only is I have to figure if you're mixing drinks in this with ice, this same problem will come up, probably sooner than it did with mine.

Over all a competent device well worth the money. I figure it's worth getting a new one each year for the amount I use it. Until I find someone making a better device, I'll be quite loyal to this one.


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