Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Soundtrack Goes Wrong: The Mr. Wrong Soundtrack Is Blase Pop.

The Good: One or two good tracks?
The Bad: Most of the tracks are either bad or bad covers
The Basics: A horrible collection of poorly lyricked love songs and songs of love lost. Not worth your time, money or attention.

First off, I've never seen the film Mr. Wrong, so I'm evaluating the soundtrack as a body of music. I like Ellen DeGeneres, but if this soundtrack is any indication, I wouldn't like Mr. Wrong.

I purchased the soundtrack back in 1996 because Sophie B. Hawkins had a track on this album. Now I'm terribly sorry I did. Sophie's cover of "I Gotcha'" is unimaginative and literal. I think whenever an individual or group does a cover song, it ought to add to or reinterpret the original (excellent examples of successful covers are Sophie's cover of Bob Dylan's "I Want You," and Heather Nova's version of Neil Young's "Like a Hurricane.") There's not a single cover song on this album that does anything imaginative with the material they're given. This is pretty sad considering at least four of the songs are covers.

On the plus side, Sophie's "I Gotcha'" isn't the worst cover on the album, that honor probably goes to the annoyingly perky "Things We Do For Love," performed by Amy Grant. Regardless of the originals, all of the songs on the Mr. Wrong Soundtrack are pop songs. They are very typical, generally singsong sounding tracks which have catchy tunes, but not much in the way of substance.

The album is thematically linked song to song by the theme of love and love lost. Somehow, those in charge with making this album managed to pick either the most unimaginative examples or those that were just plain bad.

The Mr. Wrong soundtrack is pulled out of the quagmire by two original songs, Queen's classic "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and a thoroughly original track called "Song For the Dumped," by Ben Folds Five which is actually intelligently written and angsty.

The bulk of the album is just bad, though, including "Strenuous Acquaintances" which goes a long way toward showing why Joan Osborne was a one-hit wonder. If you're buying this album used, you're paying too much for it.

The best track is "Song For the Dumped" and the weakest link is "Suavito," which mercifully comes near the end.

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