Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Protects The Body Of The Ipad Well: Jwin's White Silicone Case Delivers!

The Good: Does what it promises, Generally inexpensive.
The Bad: Seems like it ought to be the body of the iPad, Does not protect the screen.
The Basics: A very average case, the Jwin Silicone Case for iPad does exactly what it is supposed to, no more, no less.

Apple confounds me. Not the fruit, of course, but the computer company. The company expects people to shell out thousands of dollars for a device, like the iPad, and then in order to provide the most basic protection for that device, they have to buy several other things. That was how I got to feeling indignant as I bought a Jwin Silicone Case for my iPad (click here to read my review of the iPad!). Having gotten a screen protector (click here for the review of that!), I had seen the value of protecting the iPad with a skin, so I picked up the Jwin Silicone Case. Locally, I had a pretty poor selection of color choices (on-line, there are much better color options), so I ended up with a white silicone case.

For those unfamiliar with the principle of a silicone case for the iPad, the silicone case is a very flexible, thin membrane that is about 9 ½” tall, 7 ½” wide and ½” thick, which is pretty much the shape of an iPad. The silicone case slides on iPad as a prophylactic and prevents the underside, sides and top of the iPad around the screen from getting scratched, damaged or discolored by fingerprints. The silicone case may be washed, so if it does get dirty, it may be slid off the iPad and cleaned or replaced with another one!

The Jwin silicone case may only be slid on the iPad one way. Because the user must have access to the ports at the bottom and the holes for where the earbuds plug into the iPad, the Jwin must be oriented with the slit it has in the side facing the same direction as the ports. As a result, applying the Jwin silicone case is more or less idiot-proof. The silicone case slides on without needing any lubricant and it does just what it promises.

Unfortunately, that does not mean protecting the screen, which is the most important part of the iPad. The screen requires a separate film, which is not included with the Jwin silicone case. Instead, this just protects the body of the iPad. It does not inhibit use of the iPad, either. The iPad has a few physical buttons, like the power-on button and the volume switches. Because the Jwin Silicone Case was made specifically for the iPad, it has harder, raised silicone bumps right above each of the physical buttons on the sides and top. Thus, one presses on the bumps on the case and the buttons get pressed below. Functionality of the iPad is not changed at all!

I like the stainless steel look of the iPad, so I was disappointed to have to wrap it in an opaque white case, but the fashion sense does not effect the usefulness of the silicone case. But it also doesn't answer the question: why doesn't the iPad come in a case to begin with to protect the huge investment people are walking around with?!

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