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Arguably Better As A Supplement, Kaytee Fiesta Gourmet Food Works For Rabbits As Well

The Good: Nutritious for rabbits, Relatively inexpensive, My rabbit loves it, Packaging keeps it fresh
The Bad: There are larger, more environmentally sound packages.
The Basics: Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat may be intended for hamsters and gerbils, but it makes for an excellent food supplement for rabbits as well!

As our rabbit, Rowe, has grown, my wife and I have noticed quite a few changes in her diet. She is, for example, not a fan of small seeds. Moreover, given a choice of rabbit food pellets and virtually anything else in the world, she will choose the anything else. Still, rabbit food is remarkably inexpensive, so we tend to want to feed Rowe generic rabbit pellets and supplement her diet with hay and fresh dandelions. But because she occasionally goes on protest hunger strikes against the basic food, my wife and I have sought new ways to entice her into eating the basic food. To spice up her regular food, we've started enhancing her regular food with Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie treat, which is, admittedly, intended for hamsters and gerbils. We chose this food because it included less of the little seeds Rowe does not like than the Kaytee Fiesta rabbit food!

Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat for Hamsters & Gerbils is a pet food for small animals and I originally balked at getting fruit and veggie supplements for Rowe, but have since come to see the value of Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat both in my rabbit's health and growth and in my rabbit's happiness. While Rowe initially seemed content to chew only on dandelions and hay, when she became bored with her regular rabbit food, we added the Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat to her diet and since, she has much more enthusiastically eaten her standard rabbit food. This mixes well with the regular dry pellets from the rabbit food and it has easily-recognizable components.

Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat include all sorts of goodies. Easily recognizable are dried peas, little red seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and even what appeared to be a nut! The fruit part includes raisins and there are also little multicolored pellets - red, green and yellow. These are, presumably, more complex vegetable flavors which are processed into pellets with unique nutritional properties. Either way, Rowe eats almost all of her food when we add this treat to her standard food, arguably because these pieces are too small for her to just pick around! As a result, we are assured of her continued happiness and survival by the fact that she more enthusiastically eats all her food!

Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat easily passes the muster of our rabbit's taste test. She shows a clear preference to Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat over the Purina Rabbit Chow we purchased in bulk, at least over the Purina on its own.

Nutritionally, the Kaytee Fiesta treat seem to give Rowe additional vitamins and minerals which the standard pellets lack. Vitamins like B12 are apparently necessary to a rabbit's health and growth, but not in the same quantities as the nutrients which the rabbit gets from standard pellets. The primary ingredients in the Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat Pet Rabbit Food are: raisins, shelled peanuts, sunflowers, and wheat. The treat has a guaranteed analysis which includes at least 12% crude protein and 10% crude fat, but no more than 10% crude fiber and 12% moisture and Rowe's size and shape have not changed significantly since we started supplementing her diet with this treat. When combined with a diet of fresh greens and hay, Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat makes for a very balanced diet and our not-so-little Rowe is proof positive of that!

It is exceptionally important that rabbits who are fed Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat Pet Rabbit food have constant access to clean, clear water as this is a dry food. It is also worth noting that Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat is noted to possibly contain peanut dust, so those humans with a peanut allergy may have to consider their own health when feeding this food to their rabbit.

Rather nicely, Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat Pet Rabbit food does not require any special care or handling. This rabbit food is dispensed from the two and a half pound bag into a dish for the rabbit with no preparation steps necessary. The bag is not resealable, but it is more environmentally sound than the 9 oz. plastic jars this also comes in.

For those who have rabbits or other small animals who have become bored with their regular food, Kaytee Fiesta Fruit & Veggie Treat makes for a solid choice both for a pet rabbit's nutrition and taste needs.


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