Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving On, A Fresh Start With My Reviews!

Good Afternoon World!

My name is W.L. Swarts.  I am a novelist (you may find Within These Walls and Living In The Wakes easily available online and I am working on getting any of my other seven currently written novels published in the near future), reviewer and visual artist.  I am currently working on a television series which is in script format - the entire 100 episode run is plotted out and I am eagerly at work on Episode 10 of the series.  I am striking out on my own after having had my reviews elsewhere and the process of transferring my massive portfolio over is going to take at least a month, but I DO intend to have some original content up and running even during the changeover.

I chose my blog title because I have a crapton of reviews in an exceptional array of categories, though my focus has largely been on media reviews.  My blog shall rather rapidly be filled up with reviews of:

Movies - past and present including entire television series', DVD reviews and current movies in theaters,
Music - c.d.s by artists whom I have listened to and/or immersed myself in for an entire month previously,
Books - Serious novels and graphic novels,
Food - I've reviewed teas and candies from many, many major manufacturers as well as restaurants I've eaten at,
Health and beauty products - Mostly haircare and skincare products (I tend to look for real values!),
Travel destinations and hotels,
Pets products - My two cats, geriatric cocker spaniel and new rabbit have been spoiled so I write a lot about what works and doesn't for the animals,
Toys - Action figures and toys from my favorite franchises get a real close look from me and for those looking to take toys out of the package, I have some great reviews to share,
Electronics and computer equipment,
and Home and Garden products!

My intent is to start out with a few articles on how I review products in each category and as the blog increases (I have about 4700 reviews I'll be transferring to this blog!), I'll be actually updating my webpage with guide pages to more easily navigate to my various reviews.

Stick around!  It's going to be great!

© 2010, 2007 W.L. Swarts. May not be reprinted without permission.


  1. I've just discovered your blog and I think it is great. Well done. At first, I only posted a comment or two on your most recent articles but your blog is so interesting and huge, I may have to read it chronologically from now on. So sorry, if I'm sometimes commenting on your old "stuff" but I don't wanna miss anything so I'm going to take my time and do this right. See ya !

    1. I'm very glad you've found us!

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments! It's nice to know the work is appreciated and read!